Tips for a small bedroom

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Love this room! Especially the bedspread.

Back in August I moved closer to work and school. I also moved to a much smaller room. It's been challenging and refreshing to build my new room. I started by being cut throat with my possessions before I moved. I literally gave away half of the things I owned. And it felt amazing. I'm in the process of going through my stuff again. Do I use it? Will I use it? What will I do if I get rid of it and need it someday? You'd be surprised how many things I've carried around that simply have no use. Now before you think I'm a cold hearted person, I do have a keepsake box that I store ticket stubs etc in. But the amount of DVDS and books I owned was disgusting. I think I've begun to master the small space. My new philosophy? If it doesn't fit in your room space, you don't need it.

+Consider using a mirror to open up your space
+Keep the clutter at bay! Find EVERYTHING a home. A hidden home. Use fancy boxes and other storage units to keep it clean
+Make your bed your focal piece. Let's be real it's going to take up a lot of space in a small room.
+Many suggest using lighter colors to open up your room. While, I haven't done this personally, I think dark colors are doable if you know what you're doing
+Use shelves to add height to the room and to store books, vases, frames, and other decorative pieces
+Add something green! No not the color, a plant, real or fake will liven up your space and bring some nature to your evironment

How do you make the most of your space?

PS-Happy birthday to my Mom!!


  1. I take advantage of the under-the-bed storage space. My room is tiny!

  2. when i moved out a few years ago, i got rid of all big furniture pieces because my new room was half the size, it could only fit a bed and nightstand. it's amazing how much stuff you can get rid of when you only have one tiny closet for storage. now that i'm back in a bigger room, i still dont have much and everything i have is put away. i know next time i move, i will have a smaller room again so i am saving up for an upholstered storage bed frame.

  3. ummmm….I did NOT know you changed your blog name?!?!

    anyway! Now that we have the baby coming and all of the stuff that comes with having a baby we are really trying to maximize our space and organize our shelves and storage. I'm all for tossing out things you don't need or use. It's not good to have emotional attachment to material possessions…at least not every single thing. Matt is realllllllly bad about it.

    Might I suggest staying away from curtains in smaller spaces? I would stick to blinds (nice ones) that sit on the inside of the window frame. It lets leaks of light in which open up the space and keeps the bulkiness that curtains add to a room.

  4. i am so so so bad about decorating. i really have no idea how to do it.

  5. I loved this post as much as I love the container store. I just feel more accomplished if things have a home :)

  6. Our bed room is super tiny and we are now upgrading to a king size bed and ohh I dont know how we are going to fit it in the room!

  7. I just moved into a new apartment and my room is SUPER small too, and the doors are in an awkward spot so I don't have much wall space. Thanks for these tips!

  8. Small bedroom? Story of my life! Instead of nightstands, we have a storage bed where we keep our a few of our belongings in the drawers. Less visible clutter!


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