HANA Ceramic Flat Iron Review

I was extremely excited to try the HANA ceramic flat iron because I've heard great things about the company that sells them, Misikko, which also offers other salon grade products . I've also heard wonders about using a smaller 1 inch flat iron. Supposedly, if you take the extra ten minutes to take smaller sections of hair your do will look amazing. Considering my mane has a lot of bad hair days, I'm always eager to test out a new technique.
 photo misikko_2245_236100313_zps7a799405.jpg
This ceramic flat iron stood out for me when it comes to styling tools. I love the hot pad it comes with, and it also has a variety of heat temperatures so you don't fry your hair. It combats frizz even when its not at the hottest setting. Hana does a great job at creating a flat iron that glides over your hair smoothly without ripping any strands or clumping them together. This may seem small, but the swivel cord blew my mind. My wrist can go into all kinds of funky positions and the flat iron never misses a beat. Overall, I was really impressed with this flat iron, the brand HANA, and my CHI will be moved to second place. It's definitely worth the money. My hair looks amazing when I use it.

 photo Photoon2011-06-17at17292_zps5011b9a9.jpg
See, smooth? And yes, no makeup is combatted by a ridiculous kiss face for you all ;)

I've also read great things about the Corioliss Classic Flat Iron  and I also own the T3 Tourmaline Evolution Hair Dryer which Missiko sells. I don't blow dry that often as if I do it every day my hair would be a giant puff ball. But when I do, the T3 gets my cowlicky bangs to act right.

What's your favorite flat iron? Do you like ceramic?


  1. I usually try not to flat iron but I have the T3 and I love it.

  2. Love it!!!
    Def. something I will have to look into

  3. I use my GHD constantly … stupid wavy/frizzy/not quite curly hair requires it of me. Anyway, I love it…but I really want to get curlers or a big curling iron and learn how to do better waves…the flat iron ones are too small. Nice kiss face.

  4. i would be eager to try it too! I only have the chi...which i love but before that only used a revlon so i have nothing to realllllly compare lol!

  5. LOVE my hana flat iron! it replaced my beloved CHI!

  6. your hair looks great! i would love to try it as well... i had a chi for a while, but i wasn't impressed with it... my one now is okay, but nothing special so i should try something new.

  7. looks nice, thanks for the info, my favorite now is the karmin g3, it's amazing. :)

  8. thanks , Looks very good, I use the karmin too and keeps my hair just like yours. :D

    1. I have a karmin too! But I have the Titanium model

  9. I have needed a new straightener for seriously two years. I just don't know if the expensive ones really are SO worth it or if people say that to justify their purchase, you know? I'm such a cheapo.


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