Meeting people.

Weird things happen when you blog.

You, like, meet people. Online. And then in person. (Sarcasm on the "like" people).

I've met several bloggers in "real life" and they're all sweet as peaches.

And then there are the bloggers who have infiltrated your life so deeply that you start going on and on about their kids you've never met.

You start sending them a link to every piece of clothing you think of buying.

You make fun of them. You cry from laughter at their jokes.

They know things you normally would only tell your doctor.

You send them pictures of poo. Wait...what?

Sometimes I wonder where the hell I'd be if I hadn't started this blog.

I mean sure, I'd still be alive. I'd be doing something. Like planting my ass in front of ABC Family a lot more often.

I do wonder though if my life would be as rich without some of these characters I've met from blogging. I know if I deleted this blog, I'd have some genuine, real, friends who would continue on my journey with me.

Character #1:
 photo 530465_878476494219_185703131_n_zps54596b22.jpg

Character #2:
 photo 408227_10100364410355961_600308793_n_zps37f3e064.jpg

Because after all....where the hell else are you supposed to make new friends when you're twenty-*** years old?

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  1. I totally feel the same way! Some of the people I call my dear friends are women I have met through blogging. How are you supposed to meet people? Great question:)

  2. So I have a similar sentiment toward two bloggers as well. One is in California (Amira from Shades of Gray) and the other from Canada (Emily from Hope Squared). While I've never met either in person, we have an undeniable bond like nothing I've ever experienced before. I love them like sisters. I think it's a special relationship and I'm thankful for this good ol' world wide web for placing these ladies in my life. I'm glad you got your girls too. I've followed both Lauren and Anna's blogs, and they seem sweet as pie.

  3. I loved this post! Every work of it so spot on. ESPECIALLY about the "meeting friends in your 20s" thang. It's so tough once you're out of school!

  4. it is so hard to meet friends after college. you are right!

  5. Awwwwwww, Hollie my pregnancy hormones can hardly handle this post. I heart you very much.

    p.s. Thanks for stealing that photo and making it HUGE. hahaha my fingers are so fat.

  6. This is all because I said I ate my phone to taste those In'N'Out burgers, isn't it ;)

    I think sometimes I don't feel the need to blog as much because everything I was getting out on my blog, I get out through text messages and instagram or whatever else. You help me LIVE life more instead of just writing about it. That's so priceless my friend :) And my kids love you. B more than G, but you know G, she doesn't quite like anyone 100% and B pretty much likes everyone 200%.

  7. P.S. you should blow up that pic of Anna some more b/c I want to see who is in that wedding picture with her. Her mom maybe? A bridesmaid? I need to know now.


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