Your Five People.

I've been working through my challenge work book for Making Things Happen and one of the things that stands out (and I've heard before) are the five people you're around and communicate with influence your life the most.
Like REALLY influence it.

Are you around negative people?

Not just a sometimes you're a pain people.
But people who love to complain?
Who hold you back?
Who want to compete with you rather than help?
Honestly, for's been a slap in the face kind of look at the people I surround myself with.
I have some fabulous people in my life.
But I also have a few toxic people.
And those toxic people need to allow more space to have more positive people come into my circle.
How do you deal with negativity?
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  1. honestly? as i've grown older i've had ZERO tolerance for negativity. so i simply shut those people out- get them out of my life, hang out with them NEVER, let their words go in one ear and out the other.. because, really,i'm all about the POSITIVES in my life.. and if you want to be all negative in yours, then stay the hell away from mine!

    so i have a few people who i am close with, who i let affect me, who i really listen to and go to for advice, then i just let everyone else be themselves.. without me being involved.. does that make sense? like removing yourself without actually removing yourself..

    it's harder than it sounds, i know, but i've never been happier (: some people just aren't meant to "get you" or "be there for you".. unfortunately...

  2. I totally agree with Ash about getting older and having less tolerance for negativity. I have also found that it is totally up to you how you view the people around you. Some people find the bad in others instead of looking for the good. If you are constantly looking for the good in other people, you will find it, and you will attract it. But I agree at the end of the day the friends you choose to be close to you should be supportive and positive and not bring you down!

  3. I know i could sound kind of rude, but when people start complaining, maybe once i would listen to them, if they had real problems and need a friend in that moment, but when is that kind of negative person who complain about everything i said all the time "stop complaining, you should be thankful for what you have, there are people in worst situation than you", this took them by surprise, but sometimes works, when not, well they think twice before complain around me :)


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