On Making Money...

Some say to sponsor or advertise on a blog "defeats the purpose of blogging"...

What is the purpose of blogging?

Is it to inspire, motivate, be creative, share...yes.

You're spending a lot of time on your blog....yes?

Is your time valuable? 


Should you get paid for your time or reap benefits of your hard work growing your blog?

Why not?

If you're charging too much or too early for sponsorships...most likely you won't get paid. 

So why do we care how others run their blog?

Why do we care what others do on their blogs?

Is it because we're jealous?

Is it because we don't want to see others succeed?

Is it because we're afraid of competition?

Is it because we're obsessed with comparison?

If I'm spending money supporting or sponsoring other blogs, I'm probably spending disposable income there instead of somewhere else... 

Income I get to say where it goes.

If I'm spending money supporting people I really care about from a reader's standpoint while helping promote something I spend my time on....

What's the problem?
If I'm accepting money for advertisement it is most likely being passed on to help my blog or someone else's blog in some way or another.
I support you for asking to be paid for your hard work.

I support you for taking your blog in whatever direction you want. 

I support you in being positive and helping this community by contributing inspiration to others.

It's YOUR blog.


  1. Amen to that. Is someone hating on blog sponsorship? It seems there is a lot of blog hating going on lately. Haters are going to keep on hating because they hate themselves. Period.

  2. this is great! I do the same. If money is spent on my blog I usually turn it around and spend it on another blog.

  3. I take advertisements and sponsored posts on my blog. It's hard to turn down $200 per sponsored post, so why not make some money while I'm having fun with my hobby?

  4. that's so true, people must do what is best for them and let the world live as they want it

  5. Dear Hollie, I will support you in how to run your blog. That is the best part of blogging: support.

  6. Amen sister. I would take sponsors but I'm too afraid of all the logistics lol...but I definitely agree in making your blog a business. It is YOUR blog, afterall!

  7. I am old school when it comes to blogging. I started writing and blogging before Twitter, Instagram, giveaways, and all that stuff. Like in the early 2000s. Thats practically the stone age in Internet years. ;) I truly believe there are some incredibly talented writers out there. And some of them are not only great writers, but decent business people as well. I may be an OK writer (at least that's what my mom says), but I am not a business person when it comes to blogging. Probably never will be. I can't keep up with all that jazz. I tried to sponsor some bigger blogs but it didn't feel genuine, and I didn't like that. However, I continue to admire a few of those bloggers, regardless of if they charge to promote another blogger or not....and I suppose I maybe sometimes feel twinges of jealousy because the good writing and mad business skills go hand in hand for some and not for me. Ha! Do what ya gotta do.

  8. I keep asking myself if I wanna do this or not. And frankly I have not been sponsoring too many blogs because I feel their prices are OUTRAGEOUS! Or they have like 50 sponsors on their sidebar. How am I supposed to get exposure?

  9. Nice reminders.
    Good tips.
    Great encouragement!

    Am I ready to pay for these things yet? No. But I can understand why a blog would want to pay for ad spaces. I'm just not on board with it yet.

  10. love this.. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm getting to that point too where I'm paying to sponsor others so it's like why not try it out myself?

  11. I think the blog word is an amazing network of people who all have something to say, and in the end, your blog is what you make it and no one can say what your "purpose" is but you!

    Great point Hollie!

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