Five Things That Won't Happen

I've purchased a total of two things at Anthro in my lifetime. Two initial mugs and an apron, which was a gift. I love JCrew and Anthro, I just can't justify the money. I found this pretty baby on sale online and I'm pretty sure it'd look fantastic with my camel knee high boots.

I'd also be totally fine with someone buying me these. In blue. Because I've decided cobalt blue looks fancy on me.

Now that I've listed off all the things cluttering my mind that I can't afford...
I'd also really like a dog.
That I can't take care of.
I hear husky dogs like to be the dominant one in the human-canine relationship.
They may escape frequently.
They need a ton of exercise or they will tear up your couch.
But they look like wolves.
So I like to comment on how I want one about 86497068 times a day.

Source: via Claudia on Pinterest

I'm sick of my dark blonde hair and fantasize about dying my hair this color.

Becoming a domestic chef is not in the cards for me in 2012. Cooking for one is a big ol' pain and as much as I dream about cooking up gourmet healthy meals every night, the thought of slaving over the stove when no one gets to tell me "that was awesome!!!!" afterwards makes me heat up a can of soup.

What are five things you want that won't happen?
And I mean this in the most non Negative Nancy way possible!


  1. Okay. Thank you thank you thank you for making me realize I'm not the only blogger-who-doesn't-love-anthropologie. It is kind of cool, but ridiculously stupidly overpriced. Also, J Crew... I can't figure out why they are so ridiculously popular either. Everything I have from them (that I bought secondhand) does not fit well and does not look good on me. Whatevs. Also, I'm with you on the Husky. It is gorgeous. Maybe someday...

  2. One - Chanel Bag/Jimmy Choo Moto Boots I've wanted for YEARS
    Two - I want my boyfriend to buy me a new iMac, it isn't happening
    Three - I really want a kitty because they're "less work". Again, the boyfriend is not having this.
    Four - I want to be blonde again
    Five - I wish I could cook more and that I could get off work earlier. There, I said it.

  3. That color would be great on you and perfect for fall!

  4. Wish I had the fabric and I'd make you that dress. Cobalt is hot. Brandon wants a husky day. Color your hair stat! and.... you can't go wrong with soup.

  5. you could get a miniature husky. :) technically, alaskan klee kai.
    i've only purchased one thing at anthro, and it was on sale. i love jcrew, but i only ever buy things on sale there too. i have a target and forever 21 kind of budget.
    1. i want to win the lottery.
    2. i want to move to austin. (need to win lottery first.)
    3. i want a new car because mine is angry at me and stupid things keep breaking.
    4. i want to be able to actually be in the sun and not fry. (living in san diego and being allergic to sunscreen is bullshit.)
    5. i want fall weather asap. 90 degrees is not okay.

  6. Loving that Anthro dress, but SO with you on the pricetag! ps. The new blog design is fabulous! Have a great day!!

  7. i want to be publishing, i want to win the lottery and leave my job, i want to be a writer and etsy shop owner and live by this, i want to lose weight

  8. Come be a brunette Holl(ie)y with me! I have a German Sheperd/Husky mix. She's awesome, loyal and gorgeous - you should totally get one :) Yeah and I've never bought anything at Anthro or JCrew in my entire life, and probably won't. Just cannot justify that much money!

  9. Come to the dark side lady!!! It's more fun over here. And yes, while Huskies are the cutest things ever, they are a TON of work and tend to be very aggressive. I love Anthro too and can't justify purchases there either.

  10. At least you heat up a can of soup. I haven't managed to cook myself a meal in 2 weeks. I did cook myself some brownies last night.
    And I've finished off 2 jumbo bottles of wine.
    I think my dietary needs are being met, don't you?
    lol, loving your blog, I just found it this afternoon!


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