Keystone habits are those little actions you do that set you up for success. They're small tasks that influence and reinforce your core values. They spring off a firestorm of other small improvement actions. A few changes I've made in my mornings/evenings have impacted my entire day and my motivation. I've never been one to have an extremely detailed daily routine. I don't do things in an order every day. I just do the same things depending on how much time I have. I'm a big planner so the fact that I don't have a detailed plan for most days is...strange.

1. Make my bed. Make your bed. Just do it.

It sounds ridiculously simple. The change I feel about my space when I come home from work has changed tremendously. What I want to accomplish or how I relax has completely changed by this simple action. If I don't have two minutes in the morning, I do it right when I get home. I feel relieved. And ready to conquer.

2. Change into stylish workout clothes after work.

Clothes that I can be seen in if I run to Target. This is completely psychological but by doing this I'm ready to get stuff done! My lounge clothes now are my pajamas. I know this sounds crazy but this small habit has jumpstarted my evenings to get what I need to get done and prepare for the next day/week so I can truly relax without worrying or guilt.

It's crazy what small, simple changes you can make that will become a domino effect for other positive changes. I challenge you to make your bed 10 days in a row. It WILL be a catalyst for other positive changes.

What small habits are a must for you?


  1. this is so true! I always "forget" to make the bed in the mornings. but when the boy does while i'm in the shower... i can't help but smile and my day is started off right. I should return the favor. And as for the workout clothes... i'm never more productive than after a workout... or just being in those clothes. those are my "get shit done" clothes!

  2. I wish I could make my bed every morning but the hubs doesn't get up until I'm leaving for work so every day I come home and the bed is not made *sigh*

  3. I always pack my lunch the night before otherwise I get too stressed out in the morning and end up buying lunch at work. It's habit has saved me from spending unnecessary dollars in the long run!

    Cute blog!

  4. making the bed is a MUST at my house. i get up first and the boy makes the bed (he has been getting better, but still needs some work). it just makes the room feel neat and clean!

  5. Bed making for sure!! And no dishes in the sink!

  6. I really need to start practicing bed making... My new apartment needs to be pretty and clean. Bed included. Come force me, k?

  7. I'm not a big bed maker. My bf takes a nap after work, which is before I get home, so it would get messed up anyway. I always set my coffee maker, pack my lunch, and attempt to pick out clothes the night before though- these small things help mornings go much more smoothly!

  8. Making my bed is a must in the morning, and tidying up before bed! Changing into workout clothes sounds effective...I might have to try that!


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