Hippie Stuff.

Your all natural medicines/lifestyles are great.
Go organic.
Live paleo.
Cut out sugar.
Try everything else before you take prescription drugs.
Be careful what you put in your body.
Take care of yourself.
The back to basics trend we've seen is a VERY, very, good thing.
I am so happy health and lifestyle is a bigger concern for our country.

Anyone else know a handful of people who put their lives and lives of their family in jeopardy because they wanted to be "natural"?
There comes a point where you need to go a doctor.
Yes, I'm being judgemental.
If you stop going to doctor appointments during your pregnancy, have your baby at home, and have to rush it to the hospital because it had a condition the doctors would have recognized and made your life and your babies entrance in the world a lot easier...
I feel terrible for your baby.
I don't feel terrible for you.
(Baby is okay...but could have easily lost its life.)
Logic, people.
Rant over.
Sorry if I offended anyone.
Except not really.


  1. I've never been pregnant but I do know that Tylenol can cure a mean headache. ;) PREACH girl!

  2. The last 10 weeks of my pregnancy, I had abnormally high blood pressure which could have potentially put the baby in a stressed environment. When I was in labor, they had to give me magnesium via IV so that I wouldn't cease. The doctor does know best, especially when it comes to babies. If it weren't for the doctor, I wouldn't have known my blood pressure was high and that it could have turned into something worse.

    But on of the biggest things I believe in is going to the chiro before the doctor. I get bad migraines and before I start popping pill, I get adjusted.

  3. I am guilty of not wanting to ever take medicine because I don't want to put too much of that stuff into my body. However, having a PA for a boyfriend makes it impossible to spout any of my hippie nonsense...because he always knows better. It's really annoying.
    Penniless Socialite

  4. If you are making a person and then pushing it out of your body... it should require a doctor. Cause back when we didn't have doctors for childbirth, a lot more women died during childbirth. I think there is a connection there.

  5. Love this. I'm all about being healthy and natural, I am. But I would do anything and everything to ensure the health of my future kids. Doctors aren't perfect, but they certainly have a heck of a lot more expertise and training than I do!

  6. Your blog changed when I wasn't looking. I'm contemplating it.

    As someone who required 2 c-sections in a row in order to have a healthy baby (and I did do everything possible the 2nd time for that VBAC), I couldn't agree more. There are safe options out there for people who want the least intervention possible - midwives in hospitals or even being monitored regularly by a midwife period would have raised flags. If you want a home birth, go on with your bad self, but make sure you have your bases covered. So glad everyone is okay though, it would have been tragic otherwise.

  7. What I don't understand is people who don't vaccinate their babies. The links between certain vaccinations and autism are so minimal. Why would anyone want to put their baby at that kind of risk?!

  8. This is great, and so is your blog! I worry about the new trend to not vaccinate- I've heard horror stories.

  9. THIS IS AWESOME! Totally agree!!!

  10. I AGREE! My sister is like this (thank goodness she isn't having kids any time soon), but she rants about how Diet Coke is some big conspiracy with doctors and the government to cause depression for the medical industry or some crap hahahaha! I mean, I know it's not GOOD for me, but leave my DC alone, mmmkay? ;) You go girl, love the post! The hippies have the right to their opinion but so do you! Keep it up!

  11. i'm a nurse yet i'm a hippie when it comes to healing. i refused to pop pills and crap and prefer holistic healing.
    BUT you do need a DO/MD's help when it comes to something serious like, uh, pregnancy and traumas and such.
    if it was for something like common cold, then yeah i'll go holistic. no matter what, you still need doctors to check up on you. no brainer there. they were train to examine and treat ya!

    never ignore a health issue!

    srsly i can't believe people would do hippie pregnancy. wow.

  12. 1,000 times agreed. Just because can be done doesn't mean it SHOULD be done. I can drive a car with my feet if I wanted to - that doesn't make it a good friggin' idea.

    And for the hippies to be judgmental about modern medicine .... ooohhh, girl, that makes me livid.

  13. I'm not one to take medications because I don't like the negative effects on my body, however, if a situation occurs where it's life or death then yes, I'll take them. Also, when it comes to childbirth, I haven't had one yet, but I will definitely be getting an epidural :D

  14. I was just having a conversation with someone about the whole midwife thing, and we both kind of agreed that there is no reason to go backwards when we have the technology to really know what is happening in your body before it becomes a problem. I know that everybody has their own beliefs, but I agree with you that there comes a point in time where you have to accept the fact that we have doctors and technology for a reason!


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