Apple Orchardin'

This past weekend we ventured up to Julian, CA which is a tiny, tiny, country town about an hour and a half(ish) outside of San Diego. It’s known for its apples and apple pie! In the spirit of October, the boyfriend and I drove up there to explore, have lunch, pick apples at the apple orchards (or just take pictures because most of them had already fallen off the trees), and OF COURSE have ourselves some apple pie. The weather was crisp, with some wind chills, but still a tad warm. In my mind it was a perfect fall day! We haven’t seen many of those here in Southern California lately…



While I wish I would have taken a picture of my apple main concern was devouring it as fast as possible. But trust me, it was DELICIOUS.

Oh, and we also met a llama...

How have you celebrated Fall/October?


  1. Well I would expect nothing less than to meet a llama at an apple orchard! ;)

    Kidding. Looks like fun! Too bad it's hotter 'en aids here in the TX...far to hot to grow apples lol.

  2. 'oh...and we also met a llama' ! :)

  3. We went there Sunday!! I think everyone was there!
    I made caramel apples with all the apples we picked, and posting the recipe tomorrow :-)


  4. I went out to pick apples there earlier in the month during the Apple Days festival. so fantastic. I love Julian, and try to go out at least once a year, And, totally saw that llama. I posted about it not too long ago, you should check it out.

  5. How does one celebrate fall?? ;) It just doesn't feel like fall here since it's still in the offing 80's. Over it! We did buy pumpkins though? Does that count? Also, llamas scare me. They spit. But apple pie sounds delicious..and your little trip looks like it was a lot of fun.

  6. Looks like you two had fun :) Also, when did we/are we linking up our inspiration cards?!?! I really want to share mine on my blog!

  7. We went this weekend, too! Except it looks like maybe you went on Saturday since the sky looks clear. We met that llama and had apple pie, too. Love that cute little town. :)


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