Guest Post: Tips on a Saturday Night Alone

My sweet Aussie friend, Amy, is guest posting today on what to do if you find yourself home on a Saturday night. Um, hello...Saturday nights at home alone are a blessing! I'd take one...or several. Enjoy and say hi! :)

Greetings from the east coast of Australia, my name is Amy and I am the creator of The New Lady Times.  I was delighted when Hollie suggested that I guest post on her blog and I do hope you all have an enjoyable read. Hollie and myself are on opposite sides of the world but there is not a whole lot that separates us. Okay, except for maybe the Pacific Ocean and the international date line. Just like all ladies around the globe, we are preparing for the weekend. While Hollie is off to a Making Things Happen Workshop, I have a hot date with myself, at home and couldn't be happier. Don't get me wrong, getting dressed in my finest frock, curling my lashes and heading out tonight is definitely a riveting option. However, I am not always in the mood to kick up my heels, consume my body weight in martinis and dance the night away. Much less have the energy for it. Plus, lets face it - no one is getting any younger. Similarly, I don't always want to feel the dreaded symptoms on Sunday morning, no matter how much glee was had the night before. Sometimes it is just okay just to stay at home (and most of the time it can be just as fun). So here are five suggestions on what you can do if you find yourself at home tonight and any future Saturday night.

1. Take a bath. A long one. Our weeks are generally so chaotic these days and the relaxing activities are the first ones to get cast aside. So fill up the tub, load it with bubbles, bath bombs sugar scrub and anything else that has the word Cherry Blossom on it. Light some candles and hop on in. Reflect on your week. Compose your mental lists (you all know what lists I am talking about) and lap up the serenity. For those of you who are quite partial to a glass of wine, perhaps keep one in arms reach.

2. Do some online shopping. The beauty of e-commerce. It can be done anytime of the day or night and in the comfort of your own home (bath tub included). Besides If we are going to stay at home on a Saturday night we can at least treat ourselves to that scarf we have been longing for or that J.Crew dress that is on sale. It may not be the same as browsing through Barneys but at least you can do it in your pajamas. My two faves are ASOS and ShopBop.

3. Get the girls over. Just because you are staying at home on a Saturday night does not necessarily mean that you have to go it alone. What is more fun than a Girls Night In? Get out your old year books, paint your toes, read magazines, watch classic movies. Cook a meal (or dial out for one) and just have some good old fashioned fun. LUSH Cosmetics do a Girl's Night In Kit with seven of their products including cleansers, face masks, toners and moisturizers. All for twenty bucks. Steamed clean pores and the company of friends, what more could a lady want?

4. Clean out your closet. Sounds like a chore but it's not. At least it wasn't for Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte in the SATC movie. This season is the perfect time to put your summer items in storage, donate the obscene clothes that make you cringe and make room for your new winter purchases. If the thought bores you, accompany it with your favourite CD and a glass of wine. If nothing else, you will thank yourself on Monday morning when you are suffering from a severe case of the blues but can at least find your favourite pencil skirt with ease. Following the closet clean out, you can have a Clothes Swapping Party as talked about here

5. Embrace a DIY project. Think about something that you need or want and research the materials during the week. Caroline Knapp from Caroline in the City posted a DIY Necklace Board recently. You can see it here .DIY projects require quality time and patience and a Saturday night at home will give you both of these

What is on your agenda for tonight?

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  1. I love these ideas!! I will keep them in mind for the next Sat or Sun night alone... always looking for some R&R and these are perfect suggestions!


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