The Best City in America

I recently read this article about the Best Cities in America.
I was dumbfounded that San Diego is listed as #9.

It should have been #1.
Best weather around, Coronado beach was recently voted #1 beach IN AMERICA, great food, diversity, best football team….. ;)
I was so pleased that all of the cities I fantasize traveling to (most of them I haven’t been to yet!) made the top 10. I’ve been to a ton of US states & cities so I must be going to the worst cities? ;)

Shoutout to're really not as bad as people say you are.
#1 San Francisco
(Been here a few times! LOVE this city!)

#2 Seattle
(DYING TO GO HERE! May be my #1 domestic wishlist spot)

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#3 Washington DC
(Want to go here too! But maybe only for a day or two)

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#4 Boston
(I've heard SUCH great things. It's probably #2 on my wishlist but gives Seattle a run for its money!)

#5 Portland
(LOVE the PNW and think I'd love it here too)

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#6 Denver
(Want to visit someday! I hear it's so clear and beautiful)

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#7 NYC
 (Been there! Nothing like it.)

#8 Austin
(I've always wanted to live to Texas. For a long time my plan was to go to college in Texas. And some of my favorite bloggers are from Texas!)

#9 San Diego ;)
(See my boasts above)

#10 St Paul
(Gonna be honest here. I've never once wanted to visit St Paul but maybe I'll reconsider)

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Anyone else surprised Chicago didn't make the top ten?
What do you think of this list? Where would you rank your city?
Oh, and feel free to leave your instagram/twitter handle in the comments section. I realized I'm not following a lot of you...and I want to be.
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  1. I saw you post this on fb and took a good look. Obviously I agree that SD should be #1. It really is the best city. I would definitely rank it higher than DC. I saw Arlington, VA on the list and the MEDIAN income of over $130,000 made me sick.

    I've been to about half of the top 10 and need to visit the other half. Ahem, Portland!

  2. I think that Orange County should be on there. Well... I know that is a county. I am surprised San Francisco topped the list though. NYC beats San Francisco any time!

  3. Moving from #2 to #1 in a few weeks! Yay! You should definitely go to Seattle someday- it is beautiful.

  4. Chicago should be at least in the top ten! That's crazy, I live in the burbs of Chicago and its amazing!

  5. I am surprised Chicago isn't on there! I've visited only once but I loved it!

    Living right outside of the #2 city, I must say I'm not surprised. You would love Seattle. So much to do! And we have a great brewery tour experience! Let me know if you ever make the trip! You'd have a hostess in me! ;)

  6. San Francisco really is amazing, and I think deserves the number one spot (but only because I haven't spent enough time in San Diego!). I've been to Boston too, which is amazing. But I really, really want to go to Seattle and Portland! Hoping to plan a trip to Portland in the spring :)


  7. i love san francisco, except the traffic. denver and dc are beautiful. i've always wanted to go to seattle, portland, boston and nyc. i love austin and it is #1 on my where i want to move list. i'm a southern girl at heart.

  8. I live in Minnesota and was just in St. Paul this weekend. There is so much stuff to do in St Paul and Minneapolis. Its a great time. You should reconsider. If you ever make it out here, I would help you with the best/most fun places to go.

  9. I'm SHOCKED San Diego didn't make it closer to the top, too!! Out of all the cities I've been to, San Diego has more positive than negative, in my opinion! Plus, San Diego has the Chargers! ;)

  10. Super shocked Chicago isn't on there! Shout out to Austin! :)

  11. Rainy Seattle beats Sunny San Diego?! I'm shocked!!!!

  12. Some of these are on my wish list ((: they all look so beautiful!!

  13. I live in Minneapolis/St. Paul area. It is DEFINITELY worth the visit. ESPECIALLY this time of year. AND, we have the Mall of America! :-) I love it here... and will never leave! Come visit soon!

  14. Why isn't LA on here?! Totally just kidding. I think it should be a tie between Austin & SD. I would live in either one of them in a heartbeat!

  15. Most people wouldn't choose St. Paul as a place to visit...but I guess that's why I like living in the Twin Cities. We are just regular old folks, not grossly touristy, but yet we can accommodate tourists without being hokey about it. Like my fellow Minnesotan above...if you ever visit, make sure to do it in late Sept/early Oct. The colors are beautiful and the pictures can't do them justice. And for the record I am much more of Minneapolis girl (St. Paul's twin sister city, only separated by the mighty Mississippi)....even though I live in the St. Paul burbs now. ;)

  16. I agree, I'm totally surprised San Diego isn't higher on the list! I desperately want to go to Seattle too! I feel like it will be my favorite place ever. But I'm weird and love rain. I haven't been to Portland, Denver, San Fran, or Boston since I was a kid. All are on my list to revisit asap.

    I live in Columbus, Ohio and I love it even though I'm actually from California. It's basically the hidden gem of the Midwest, in my opinion. So much to do and so many awesome restaurants and districts. And the leaves and weather are killer right now. I would totally rank it in the top 10 :)

    P.S. twitter: shelldbell instagram: michellesncheese :)

  17. Dear Hollie,
    I am from Portland, its a great city and I would move back in a heart beat if hubby could get a sweet job there (it ain't ever gonna happen, boo!) I have been to Seattle a bazillion times from growing up in Portland and the inlaws living in the burbs. I have lived in Denver for 7 years, its ok. The views are pretty sweet but the dryness and sunniness of it all was a bit much for a Pacific NWer like myself. I have been to San Fran but that was when I was a kiddo and I gotta go with the hubs some time. DC was AMAZING! You'll want to spend more than a couple of days there. The museums have so much to offer and best part is they're all free! I have to go to NYC...someday I'll make it happen. Now, I get to live in Oklahoma City. Its not the best but I have found a really cool part of town to live in and I'm staying put (until hubby gets a better offer elsewhere.) Great post BTW!

  18. So I totally loved this post!! I am going to San Fran next month and am uber excited about it! I've been to D.C, Boston, NYC and San Diego. I've stopped in Denver and St. Paul. All I can say is O'Hare, JFK and LAX have nothing on the Minn/St. Paul airport. Holy Moses it's big! If you ever get the chance, you MUST go to Boston and D.C. When you get the D.C., it's almost like you can feel the air is thick with secrets and history! Love, love loved this post! :)

    Jenny Twitter: afullcupoflife Instagram: copsdoll :-)

  19. I'm shocked that my "hometown", Oklahoma City, didn't make the list!! (Ok, so maybe I'm not. HA!) I am kind of shocked that my real hometown of Chicago didn't make it thought. Chicago could give St. Paul a run for its money definitely. And, ironically enough, I'm visiting Denver on work this week. It is a great city, seems so fresh and clean. Something about the mountains.

  20. C'mon... Newport Beach, CA! JK. Gitta admit it thought, I prefer NYC over SF any day. Denver looks great, but my best friend lives there and she doesn't like it... Boring in her opinion. But I guess if you love the Mtns, then it's ok.

  21. Poor Chicago! I think the current crime situation is not the best for its reputation at the moment. Madly in love with my city though (and have never felt unsafe!!)

  22. I live in Seattle and I am pretty stoked that it made #2! I know people talk about the rain and whatnot, but it's a beautiful place with lots of culture... definitely visit if you get a chance!

  23. I've been to SF, Seattle, Denver, San Diego, and DC.
    You HAVE to go to DC. It's not just about the history that's there(although that is awesome too) it's just a fantastic city! Eastern Market=AMAZING. Go there.
    Seattle, ohmygosh, one of my favorites. Of course you have to go to the space needle, but go have lunch up in the restaurant. just. wonderful.
    Denver, seriously the air is CLEAR. Like incredibly clear because the size of it makes you think it would be kinda dirty, but it's not.


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