That Time I Started a Fashion Blog

Fifteen months ago I started a fashion blog.

Called Hollie Takes Notes.
I posted about my love for mary kate & ashley, my girl crush on Olivia Wilde, a mismash of favorite fashion trends...and even my very first outfit post.
I admired the fashion bloggers who posted daily on their outfits.
And then I realized a few things.
I LOVE fashion and when I put in time I can put together a killer outfit. Yes, I am tooting my own horn here. I went to FIDM in LA and worked at Nordstrom for three years. Those two things together can make you a brand whore and outfit obsessive.
My current job is VERY casual. As in people wear sweats/basketball shorts here sometimes. And it's no big deal.
So I'm a t-shirt and jeans girl 9-5 and a yoga pants/t-shirt girl at home.
The fact is, unless you're a fashion blogger, or work in don't look blogworthy every day.
And if you do, I'm ENVIOUS.
I hate being overdressed as much as I hate being underdressed.
Oh, and I'm awkward about taking pictures of myself.

So slowly I drifted away from a fashion blog because I never did find my groove with it. And that's okay.

I could never come close to some of my favorite fashion bloggers.
My blog has transitioned into a lifestyle blog, with some beauty how-tos and reviews, and occasionally some fashion love.
And that's okay too.
I get more excited to post a funny post I worked hard on than a collection of my pinterest boards and a list of all the things I want and can't afford. That's ME. That's where my blog is headed. Although I must give a shoutout to Kate Spade. Thank you for dominating my thoughts lately.
I hope that my blog somehow grows into its own (yes, it's still growing and changing) and becomes somewhere along the likes of Megan's blog. I mean she's funny, I'm sometimes funny. So we're like the same. Except that part where she's a former model, kills the fashion posts, lives in the UK, and is engaged to a Northern Ireland guy. I hope someday my blog is as entertaining as Christin's. She's still the real mean girl to me. It's those kinds of blogs that make me laugh, inspire me. It's those posts that I love to write.
The point of this post is it's totally okay to change your blog. Find your blog strengths. And be yourself.

Whatever you are. Be that.


  1. I love how you write your posts, its so funny and lovely to read :) I love your blog. x

  2. I love this girl. I completely agree with you!! :) xo

  3. AGREED. 150%. Do whatever it is that YOU wanna do!

  4. Hey girl I went to FIDM too! (in SF tho '07)

  5. So glad you have a lifestyle blog because I absolutely love it!!! I could never be fashion blogger...I take the most awkward pictures when it's just me in them. :)

  6. I love this post! And I could totally never ever be a fashion blogger... I think I may be laughed out of the blogosphere. Haha.

  7. I love this post! I'm working on helping my blog "come into it's own" right now, and am just about where you're at :)

  8. I just learned something new about you! I love that you started this little blog as a fashion blog! I can totally see the fashionista side of you :) I, on the other hand, am not one of those fashion bloggers, nor anywhere close to it. I always have anxiety about taking a picture of me and my outfit, although I'm trying to get better about it ;) And that last quote = amazing!

  9. Props on fashion bloggers indeed! I can't POSSIBLY look that good and put together every day! My blog is also where yours is too. It's a little bit of everything :)

  10. I love this post! I feel that our blogs are a reflection of ourselves, and we can also find ourselves through them. I'm glad you're happy with where your blog is going even if it may not be where you intended it to end up.


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