I'm a name nerd.
(Hangs head in shame)

Maybe it started when I wanted to change my name to "Crystal" in elementary school.
I thought it was pretty. Shiny. Princesses sure do know about crystals.
I told my mom I absolutely would legally changing my name to Crystal when I was 18.
Seeing as this blog name isn't Crystal Takes Notes, I didn't do it.

After watching too much Breaking Bad, I'm really glad my name isn't Crystal...


Every book I read with a character who represented their name in every thought and in every action, I adored.
A girl named Sawyer? Who was strong and soft at the same time?
I fell in love with that name once upon a time.
I suddenly wanted to know meanings of names.
The reasons why I liked that name.
How people embody and change a name's perception for you.
The social aspect and interpretation of a name.

It's not my fault I'm a name nerd.
I blame it on the literary geniuses and not so geniuses of their own times.

I used to love the name Christian.

Fifty Shades of Grey has ruined that.
That name now represents...well...lets not go there.

Good book or bad book if a character has impact I ponder their name with their story.

A few years ago I came across the website Nameberry.
It's a blog all about name popularity, meaning, and feeling.
Which means I spend too much time on there.

However, there's definitely some wackos on there.
People's who have lives that are over because the name they picked for their child is "on the rise".
People are P-O-ed that Twilight brought the name Jacob to the top of the baby names list.
I think it's awesome!
Those who want to spell their child's name Genyfur or Mykuhl.
As a HollIE, I feel their future child's pain. (Kidding! Kind of...)

What names do you love or hate?


  1. i love names too, not so much the meanings, but i love strong and unique names

  2. i can see it now.. i will be spending wayyyyy too much time looking up names on that website! haha love it! thanks for sharing :)

  3. As a teacher I see names spelled all kinds of different ways and I have to wonder why people have to be so difficult! I bet it gets annoying having to spell your name to everyone! I am often asked, though, if I spell "holly" with a "y" or "ie!" :)

  4. My sister-in-law named my niece Berkeley and I thought it was a little too over the top when she decided, but now I love the name! I guess a name takes a person to make it special and/or tolerable haha! ;)

  5. I've always liked my name {Megan} I just 'feel' like one, weird? Cool website though!

  6. i like "strange names".. Olive, Wyatt, Wilder, Elliotte (these are girl names, fyi).. but shoot, i get so stoked on names, too! and i think i like strange names since i'm an Ashley- one of SO MANY that when someone calls "ashley", i don't even turn around or look...

  7. I'm totally a name nerd but you already knew that.

    I'm already thinking of names that go with B & G... Just in case I ever need them years down the road. Which is funny considering how often I change my mind. I probably won't want to use the names I think up now in 3 years. I mean you know how hard it was for me to come up with G's middle name and actually settle on it, ha.

    Today I'm thinking of Eden and Delilah. Alexander and Braddock. But seriously that's just today.

  8. I love weird names! I fall in love with names in books or movies all the time based on the character or who plays that character. I used to want to change my name to Katrina when I was little. My mom made the mistake of telling me she liked that name when I was born. But now, I'm glad I'm not a Kat. I'm more of a dog person anyway, and the only person who can pull that name off is Dog the Bounty Hunter because he's a badass. But yeah, names are cool.

  9. I am SO into names too. My name means friend to all and Ruth in the bible was loyal and trustworthy. We have chosen some names we like for future babies and I always check to make sure the meanings are good! Like the names Calvin and Cameron have terrible meanings hahahaha

  10. I love names! When it comes time to start a family I am going to have a hard time picking just one!

  11. I love uncommon names that sound exotic and unisex names! I was obsessed with the name Chrystal as a little girl, too! I actually had a stuffed animal cat that I named Chrystal ((: Happy Wednesday!

  12. Fun post! I also am a bit of a name nerd. I think it is because my name is Jyndia (pronounced Gin-duh). Most people pronounce the "i", but it is silent. And since 99% of people pronounce my name incorrectly the first time they meet me, I find it especially important to use people's names and make sure I am saying them correctly. I like Hollie with the "ie"! Its different, but not too crazy of a different :) You should check back at my blog in the near future I am posting a blog about names!



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