Life Lately

1. Last Friday we went to Petco Park to see the Padres play the Diamondbacks. It was craft beer night so all of our favorite breweries had booths there BEFORE the game. With traffic and trying to make it downtown after work before the game started we missed the breweries! Boo. On the upside, Petco still sells Ballast Point and Kona Brewing Company so we were fine in the beer department ;)
2. Us! Jeff wore enough SD/Padres gear for the both of us so I was able to slide with a gray racer back tank and accessories.

3. IKEA. I freakin love this place! I bought a new dresser, a glass peice for the top, and a new mirror. See #9!
4. Me trying new parts for my hair/making awkward faces. Let's just say the average side part is my best look. Not the deep side part ;)

5sI tre`Ped myself to a new Ess{E coral nailpolish at Target last thursday. It's the little things that keep me from a shopping blow out. I've spent under $100 in clothes/makeup/etc. in the past 40 days. Holla!
6. Fall Starbucks treats are among us! I'm a HUGE huge fan of the salted caramel anything so I settled for a frap before my Tuesday night class. I normally hate cold coffee but I needed the caffeine and I was SWEATING profusely. Gross.

7.No one but Jeff calls me I swear. It's all texting these days!
8. My new MUCH softer mattress that gave me an insane back ache for two days. Now I'm sleeping like a baby :) I also bought risers and my bed is high enough for a king. I need that extra storage space!

9. My new dresser with a lamp, fake plant, and my new ikea mirror. With roommates and sharing a bathroom I learned real quickly I need to do my makeup in my room in the mornings.


  1. I love owl ring! Haha my phone looks the same way with my husband's name everywhere! It's so bad!

  2. LOVVVEEE that nail color...and the cute owl ring :)
    And I'd die for one of those fraps right now!

    Happy Wednesday, Holliieee!


  3. I don't see where I tried to FT you on your call list...


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