Next Friday....Wait this Friday.


Dear This Weekend, HOLY HOTNESS! San Diego is finally catching up to the rest of y'alls summer. It's 108 today and tomorrow does NOT look any better.

Dear Next Week, I am pumped for you. I'm going to see TWO plays and a beer festival for my best friend's birthday. How did you all end up in the same week!?

Dear People Saying "You Look Tired Today", Don't you know that is not polite? And I thought I was doing a fabulous job managing my time this week. Oh and I got eight hours of sleep last night....

Dear Sunflower Seeds, Apparently I'm not digesting you...if you know what I'm saying. ;) (People can blog about placenta but I can't blog about sunflower seeds? Come on people ;) haha)

Dear Fashion Bloggers I Followed On Instagram During Fashion Week, BIG mistake on my part. Don't make me want to shop, PLEASE. Please use this post as your official notice of eviction from my instagram newsfeed. Regretfully, Hollie.

Dear Readers, There's a snail mail card swap signup happening on this blog on Tuesday! Have a fabulous weekend and can't wait to read all about it Monday!


  1. i HATE it when people say "you look tired"... i feel like they are basically saying you look like crap in more or less words haha

  2. Ew Hollie!! ;) Haha

    Snail Mail is awesome, can't wait for that!

  3. what two plays are you going to see? :)

    andrea brionne

  4. I love Friday's Letters :) I am so not looking forward to next week. Just wish I could stay at home and catch up on some sleep, but I have work and school. :(

    Happy to be your newest GFC follower. Your blog is awesome! If you have a moment and would like to, you can visit me here The Things We Find Inside

  5. I hate when people say, "You look tired" or "Are you tired?" I alway say, "No. Actually, I'm doing quite fine." Usually, I'm not tired, or even if I am, I say the same thing. I figure they made me feel like shit, so I should make them feel like shit/awkward/embarrassed/etc in return. Just kidding. Well, sort of ;)

  6. Oh my gosh, it was almost 100 here today! We're hotter than Vegas!

  7. HAHAHAHA about blogging sunflower seed digestion vs blogging about placentas!!! I laughed out loud!! I have been hating this southern California heat SO MUCH (I'm in north Orange County) and cannot wait for fall! I fear fall will have a late start since summer did though, darn!


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