I believe

I believe in a side of ranch for almost every food group.
I believe in ride karma. Yes, I will take you to the airport.
I believe in surprises big and small.
I believe in yelling at the tv during sporting events.
I believe in having role models.
I believe in "good morning" texts.
I believe in trying new things even when they're scary (except foods).
I believe in a good pedicure from time to time.
I believe in choosing to be happy.
I believe in paying for car washes.

I believe in saying I'm sorry.
I believe girlfriend talks are irreplacable.
I believe in calling some Forever 21 shirts "too expensive" but spending twice the amount at Nordstrom.
I believe in the power of a hug.

I believe in traveling.
I believe in baking cookies as often as I want.

I believe in nice guys (they don't finish last in my book).
I believe in texting someone again if they don't answer.

I believe in the power of makeup.

I believe in making an effort.

I believe in unicorns. ;)

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  1. I love what you believe! (ranch is practically a food group in itself)
    ps. I adore your blog, it's one of my FAVORITES!

  2. OHHH, Great post! I too believe in baking cookies as often as I want.
    ..and unicorns. Okay, maybe not unicorns. You have more faith than me on that one I suppose ;)

  3. Ride karma is legit! I believe in it, too, along with a lot of other things you've listed! Great post!

  4. I believe that your post just made me smile.

  5. all of it... amazing. but that F21 bit, spot on. :]

  6. great list! "I believe in yelling at the tv during sporting events" -agree!

  7. Oh my gosh I put ranch on almost EVERYTHING, including my french fries. I'm so glad you agree they are a vegetable. Thanks for stopping by my bloggie :) I'm your new follower!

  8. Loved this post...and Ranch is a pretty big deal in our house. It goes on and with everything...especially with pizza.:) Healthy right?

  9. Ranch is its own food group to me. I would die without it.

  10. Oh my gosh, love your post! Ranch makes everything better! And couldn't agree more about hugs and good morning texts.

  11. Love this! Definitely laughed a bit at the F21 one - always happens!

  12. The F21 comment - SO true... Oh, so true.


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