I Finally Realized I'm a Beer Snob

Over the weekend we went to the San Diego Festival of Beers to celebrate my best friend's birthday.
It's an annual event in downtown San Diego right by the Hall of Justice and all the bail bonds places...convenient right?
You get ten four ounce tasters and your choice of a ton of beer and breweries.
This was my third time attending this festival.
The first time I finished all my tasters.
The first time I had already tried more than half of the breweries.
The first time I realize "oh no! my tolerance has gone up!"
The first time I realized I'm a giant beer snob.

The 97658768th time our car almost got locked in a parking garage over night.
The first time I paid $4 a fellow taster for a blow up crown for the birthday girl.
The 57856745098th time I finished half a gigantic bag of kettle corn.
My first time eating at a food truck called "The Gooch". Say what? I had pizza egg rolls. Nom.
The last time I pay $42.50 to taste beers I taste every month anyways #beersnob.

To fellow beer lovers, Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat is upon us!
Try it, you won't be sorry! It's lightweight and fruity :)

What beers do you like?

ps-I'm making some blog changes around these parts the next few weeks so excuse the mess :)


  1. first, the redesign is looking great! secondly, i wish i could drink beer, i really do. but it makes me feel horrible. i guess i'll stick to vodka.

  2. I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad that I have a beer intolerance because I'm allergic to sulfites. I always wanted to go to the beer tasting events at the Pizza Port Breweries when I lived in San Diego County! This looks like it was fun!

  3. So funny...I am admittedly a huge beer snob too. It's entirely my husband's fault. Now, I'm such a snob that I just flat out refuse to drink "normal" beers. I mean, if I'm going to spend the calories...might as well be something GOOD, right? :)

  4. I know this sounds weird, but sometimes I wish I was a beer snob! I typically stick to light beers because dark beers hit me quicker and make me fuller for some reason. However, Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat is my favorite beer to drink if I'm just having one :)

  5. I love dark, hoppy beers. Nom! Those tiny beer tasters are cute!


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