Speed Dating

Today I'm linkin up for some Speed Dating! And by that, I mean, you all get to learn a little about me. Except I probably won't be as conservative with you as I would on a first date ;) Best foot forward is over with you all...I appreciate my privacy so I'm sure there's a ton about me you don't know!

This Little Momma

I'm Hollie! Nice to meet ya.

I'm twenty five, soon to be twenty six. (Ah.)

I was born in Rhode Island and have lived all over the country! I've been in Southern California since I was seven.

I went to FIDM in LA and got my AA in Merchandise Marketing.

I work in sales.

I'm the oldest of three.

You may know this, but I am still in school pursuing a BA in Communications. That means I'm watching your nonverbal behavior...

I get really excited to drink water. I am a water fiend. (Shouldn't we all be!)

I think I am physically incapable of running long distances....but really...

I am double jointed.

I didn't have any hair until I was two years old.

I am somewhat of a cat lady/cat whisperer. Cat whisperer is less derogative.

I have a small bump in my nose...I guess the medical term is "deviated septum" but hey the Romans once considered that a sign of royalty.

I'm naturally a dishwater blonde. dirty dirty.

I love sports! Basketball, football, baseball...you name it.

I love country music.

And beer/wine...but not in excess.

I can eat a whole jar of pickles, jalapenos, olives.

I've recently become OCD about clean dishes in the kitchen.

I'm kind of a movie buff. I LOVE movies of all genres.

The end....For now...

I almost forgot...FOLLOW FRIDAY is Friday. Please join in on the fun and spread the word :))


  1. I just found your blog through the link up - so cute!

  2. I'm also a cat whisperer! They seek me out! It's crazy. And I agree, it's a much better term than "cat lady," even if that's what we might call ourselves sometimes haha.

    Frances @ Keynotes

  3. Thanks so much for linking up! I am a huge water drinker, normally people find that odd!

  4. It was fun learning more about you! I'm definitely a huge water drinker, too, and I LOVE baseball!

  5. I have my BA in Communications and love watching everyone's nonverbal behavior. They think they're so slick... Also, I love the term "cat whisperer." I shall start using that term instead of "cat lady" :)

  6. Dude, pickles, jalapenos and olives are my shiz. My bf thinks it's gross. I could make a meal out of that.

  7. My roommate took a nonverbal class last semester! She loved i! :)

  8. Hahaha, cat whisperer. You know, for like a year (okay so it hasn't been a year) I've thought you were 2 years younger than me but you're only really like... a year younger than me. That makes me feel better about myself for whatever reason ;) My deviated septum doesn't give me a bump, so I'm not royalty, so unfortunate.

  9. I'm double jointed and was bald until age 2, too! Maybe there's a correlation between these things? And I love the term "cat whisperer". I'm totally going to use that now. :)

  10. cat whisperer!! ahhh love it! you have to come meet my 2 kittens one day :)

  11. LOVE this post! Fun way to get to know you! I used to be able to run long distances.... then I got pregnant and I can't run. Period. So sad.

  12. Cute idea! I'm the oldest of three as well. :)

  13. I love this link-up. Fun. Olives! My great aunt used to buy me cans of olives every christmas bc I would eat them all before anyone else got to my grandma's house for holiday dinners. I'm still obsessed. The olive bar at Wholefoods? MINE!

  14. i'm secretly a country music lover too....being from oklahoma will do that to ya.


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