Met Gala Recap

I'm no acclaimed fashion expert (but fashion expert in my own heart...kidding...kinda ;) haha) and here are my "yes!" outfits from the Met Gala. 

There were oh so many of them....and plenty of "ew no" outfits too.

Not a huge fan of the lipstick but the gown is gorgeous.

Totally herself and slightly risky!


And am a HUGE January fan. I like her edgy look here.

Serious glam.

I think this dress might have been better longer but I love how unique it is!

Zoe NOT Karolina (sorry girl)

Definitely herself here and I love the lace.

And the winner of the worst dressed goes to:

I mean NO ONE disagrees with me on this right!??

Who was dressed the best in your opinion?

All images from here


  1. love January! and thank goodness you said "worst dressed" on that last one. I was worried you posted it because you liked it. oh my.

  2. You are correct with that worst dressed one!

  3. Haha. Love all these. I wish Zoe would gain a little though. She is SO tiny.

    Thanks for sharing- you're hilarious.


  4. Jessica Alba! almost always my favorite! She always looks sooooo great she's been my celebrity girl crush since she was on Dark Angel LOL ..oh my gosh though what was that woman thinking with that last outfit?!

  5. I'm pretty sure that last one is from Elizabeth Taylor's wardrobe that got auctioned off.

  6. The first one is my fav but I totally agree about the lipstick, I thought the same thing when I was looking through all the pics on People the other day.

  7. I absolutely LOVED Nina Dobrev!! She looked so stunning. When doesn't she?!

  8. Love Jessica Biel!! I love award shows, i am addicted to the glamour of it all!

  9. Uh, yes. That last one is...well, really there are no words. I really like the feather one, and of course, Jessica Alba's gown. Beautiful.

  10. I like the green one Jessica Biel is my favorite color. The first one is gorgeous, too. :)

  11. omgosh! some of these dresses are really GORGEOUS!!!!!

  12. Nice picks!! I love the met gala bc I feel like people take so many fun fashion risks! But you are right some people definitely miss the mark (ahem the last picture haha). Thanks for sharing!


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