5 Things You Don't Care About

1. I am blown away by the new Carrie Underwood cd. (It's called Blown Away...now you all know how funny and clever I am!..Kidding...I am not a narcissist) This weekend the friends got to talking about same-sex crushes. Admiration crushes, people. Mine is absolutely Carrie Underwood. Carrie, if you're reading, I'd dump my best friend for you in a heart beat....I'm a great best friend if you need one.

2. My blog was looking kinda cluttered so I moved it all to one side. What do you think? I guess this means I need to take higher better photos to showcase in my posts. No, this doesn't mean I'm buying a new camera or bringing out my sweet little digital camera out to every meal. I'm just not there yet. I leave the outstanding photography to someone else. No posin here!

Source: bit.ly via Carma on Pinterest

3. Last week I seriously enjoyed crossing things off the "me" list I put together for this summer. Each week I want to add something ENJOYABLE and something I'm putting off...but will make my life easier. What do you think about a weekly me list link up? I might just continue this on my own and add the linky tool next Tuesday and if you'd like to join feel free! This week I want to go on a more challenging hike (enjoyable), be a more conscious and better listener on the phone as I get distracted and am a multi-tasker (enjoyable), and scrub my bath tub (putting off for you don't want to know how long)

4. I realized I have a cheap sunglasses obsession. I have FIVE go-to pair. FIVE!!!

5. Yours truly has a hair tutorial for beach waves coming this week. Yes, you read that right! I've decided to add a few tutorials and product reviews to the blog. I have much to share with you all in the beauty department, I've just been keeping secrets.

Source: refinery29.com via C* on Pinterest

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  1. #5....I CARE I CARE!
    I always love your hair...ah cannot wait for this :)


  2. Totally agree with number one! :)

  3. OK first of all - I am sorry to disappoint but Carrie Underwood is my current girlfriend. We've been dating awhile. And we share the same birthday. Nobutseriously - isn't she amazing?!

    1. This requires a public reply. I am very disappointed in you Emily. I can't believe you stole her from me.

  4. Love Carrie Underwood! I cannot WAIT for this beachy waves tutorial!

  5. Oh my word, I love Carrie Underwood. She is such a talented, classy gal who doesn't have to get her boobs out to be noticed. She has an incredible voice.

    Good luck with your 'me' list, sounds like a good project! Scrubbing bathtubs? Almost as bad as scrubbing ovens ... not fun!


  6. Love Blown Away! I'm hoping to go to her show when she comes here in October!


  7. I had a guy tell me I look like Carrie Underwood once... It's not true, but I could be her stand-in for you haha.

  8. I'm excited for the beach waves tutorial! Also, my friend Sam was in drum line in high school and they got to play in a show with somebody-famous-I-forget-who. Anyway, that person was touring with Carrie Underwood and while he was back stage, he saw Carrie in her undies. Ha. One of his favorite stories to tell. :)

  9. I am totally into the idea of a link-up for me lists. Even if you don't do a link-up, I am stealing your idea. Thanks! :)

    The Blue Hour

  10. So excited for your hair tutorial!

  11. Um...I am cracking up right now! I told my husband that we should be friends with Carrie and Mike after seeing them interviewed on Oprah. I was pretty serious and he just laughed at me.

  12. umm, yeah. I am OBSESSED with Carrie's new CD. and with Carrie herself. you have competition for the best friend position, friend. if only so that I can borrow her clothes.


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