Blogging Secrets Vol. 1

Last week in my blogging rut, I really got to thinking about the blogs that inspire me, why they do, and how I can improve my own blogging experience. I decided to ask a few of my favorite bloggers to share their blogging "secrets" with us. I hope you all enjoy this interview with Jessica as much as I did. I loved her advice to new bloggers. I'm sure it's obvious to you all how much I like this girl and I know you will too!

What do you blog about?

I'm Jessica and I blog at Lovely Little Things! I'm a lover of all things creative, good books, health & fitness and style & beauty. Those are the kinds of things that you will find me blogging about usually. I blog to stay creative, to appreciate life's little things and to inspire others :)

Why did you start blogging?

I started my last semester of college in January 2012, and I was registered to take a class called "Introduction to Blogging." Being the wonderful student that I was (ummm...yeah, HA) I started a blog in December to get ahead of the game. I'd always been a blog reader but never thought that I had anything worth saying to start a blog of my own. Turns out...I have a whole LOT of things to say ;)

What's something your readers don't know about you?

I was born without muscles on the right side of my mouth so sometimes when I smile/laugh it droops.

Describe your personal style in five words.

casual, trendy, girly, chic & of course...comfy!

What can't you live without?

My planner. Is it sad if that was the first thing that came to mind...? A few other things are my family & boyfriend, lip balm, my iPhone, caffeine, books & music.

What inspires your blog posts? 

It sounds SO lame, but everyday life. I feel like my brain is always in blog mode, and I can always twist something into becoming a blog post. If I do anything interesting I make sure to take lots of pictures and blog about it. I also try to think about things that I'd be interested in reading/learning more about. Useful things with a twist of inspiration is what I go for.

What about when you feel uncreative?

There is an obvious answer for that...PINTEREST! Or flipping through magazines. I can also go outside and walk around or go on a bike ride when I need to get my creative juices flowing. Or driving with the windows down while blasting my favorite playlist and singing my lungs out...that always does the trick.

How has your blog changed over time?

I used to stick to a strict blogging schedule. I didn't give myself much wiggle room if I wanted to just write what was on my heart. Now I only have 2 scheduled posts per week and the other 3 posts are whatever my little heart desires. Oh, and I recently got a custom layout...I am in love people!

How has blogging changed you?

I've thought a lot about this. I actually have a post in the works dedicated solely to this topic! Blogging has really brought me out of my shell in a way. If you would've told me a year ago that I would be posing for pictures in bookstores, in the middle of the street or on a railroad track and then posting them online...I would've told you that you were out of your mind. Now I get excited have mini photo shoots! I'm also not afraid to ask strangers questions anymore. Adam & I were biking once and I really wanted a photo of both of us with our I stopped a jogger on the trail and asked her to take a quick picture of us :) I take pictures of anything and everything now...and everything has the potential to be "on the blog." Blogging has really caused me to think outside of the box.

What advice do you have for new bloggers?

TIME MANAGEMENT! I never realized how much time was involved in blogging. It takes time to get in your own groove and figure out a schedule that works for you. Don't be scared to contact "bigger bloggers" for advice - I do that all the time! Networking is really important for blog growth. Make sure to take the time to build relationships with other bloggers by leaving meaningful comments and corresponding via email. Oh, and PLEASE turn the word verification off of your comments! :)

Last but not least! What blogs inspire you?

Sweetly Complicated
Trial By Sapphire
The Lovely Lemon
A Beautiful Mess
From My Grey Desk
Little Chief Honeybee
Sweetness Itself
Teatime Thoughts
Lemons, Avocados & The Bay 

to name a few....I seriously read SO many wonderful blogs!

A big thank you to Jessica! Make sure to go say hi to her if you haven't already :)


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