Ten Things You Probably Don't Care About Vol. 2.

1. I have THREE days left in my 30 day no shopping freeze. I did buy a sweatshirt for $19.95 in NY because I was cold and my jackets weren't cutting it. But that was a NEED. Overall it's been pretty easy, but I have had a few moments when I had a dying urge to book it to the mall. I had $300 in car repairs this weekend when I went to go in for a simple oil change so I was ever so happy I've been layin low on the shopping!

2. I saw The Avengers last night and it was soooo good. There are TWO extra scenes during the credits. One is at the very end of the credits and is AMAZING. So if you go....wait through the credits!!!
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3. I'm going to a Pilates machine class tonight. I hope this time since it's a "beginner" class I'll feel more comfortable with the machines and not hold the class up. It'd be nice is my legs didn't shake this time too ;)

4. I've predicted Lauren's baby is going to come June 8th. It could happen...

5. I think I'm beginning to be more of a lurker on Instagram than a poster. I forget to take pictures unless I'm doing something really cool. I'm sure you're not surprised at this. #nopicturesonmyblog

6.I'm thinking of dying my hair darker. Eeeeeek. Or maybe going to a half-ginger.


7. I have TWO more weeks of classes!!! I am soooo excited not to have to drive 30 minutes to school after work and 50 minutes home. That whole 9-5 then 6-8:45 twice a week thing takes a toll on me.

8. I haven't been to a brewery in two weeks. Things are getting weird around here....

9. My nails are BRIGHT blue right now and it's distracting?

10. I need a cheap dress for an upcoming cocktail party and forever21.com is letting me down. Nothing cheesy or skanky. Any suggestions?


  1. The gingery hair ... dooooo iiiit. It would look amazing on you.

    I haven't seen Avengers yet so I will definitely be waiting it out! I love when they add the extra scenes!

  2. For dresses I would look at Old Navy--they have cute dresses right now! Or H&M.

  3. with all the hype about the avengers...plus your review...i think i might wanna see it!

  4. i think target has some cute dresses! or old navy.

  5. 1. I'm proud of you for your spending freeze. I think you've done pretty well considering - I mean, def a lot better than I have lately. Thankfully I'm not on a freeze, so it's okay, right?? :)

    2. Hulk Holliday

    3. I think you did a decent job last time considering it was NOT a beginner's class. I want to say this class will seem way easier but it's been awhile since you had that last class so maybe not... Especially after all that NYC eating ;) Haha kidding, I'm sure it will be just fine.

    4. I'm counting on you being right.

    5. I think you've liked every single photo I see on instagram, even ones where I didn't know you knew the person... Oh wait, no, that's what I do. Like EVERYthing haha. You did post some in NYC though. That's got to count for something.

    6. I like that hair color! I could see you rocking it. I bet you're going to try to match G's hair color when she comes so you can pretend to be her mom. I would allow it. Though, you have said she's not going to be a ginger now, so I really don't know what color you'd have to dye your hair yet.

    7. All that driving sounds like total suck. Plus, the sitting in class part, though I know texting gets you through at least some of that... Like boring presentations.

    8. You should probably go to the doctor. There's obviously something very wrong with you, and the sooner you get looked at, the better I would feel.

    9. Just thinking about you having bright blue nails is really distracting me.

    10. If you lived in OK, I have a closet full of dresses you could borrow for free. Just saying.

  6. I say YAY on the half ging. Did you look at American Eagle? They're mostly day dresses, huh? IDK, but I do know that F21 is on my shit list.

  7. This may sound weird... but I actually had some luck at JCP last time I was looking for a dress...

  8. nothing cheesy or skanky...surely not!?

  9. I want to see Avengers!!! Do you think it is an ok movie to take a 9 year old to?

  10. I like the idea of half-ginger! And I am impressed with the spending freeze!

  11. I just got some cute cocktail dresses at Target...for not much at all too!:)

  12. Ooo do it! You'll look fabulous w darker hair!!!!

    Dont forget to enter my giveaway!

  13. i agree with Abbey - check Target. over 500 dresses, one is bound to work! {i only know how many because i looked at all of them earlier today trying to find a dress!}. i feel like the only ONE left to not see the Avengers.. i am GOING this weekend! :)

  14. I think you'd look excellent as a half ginger! Go for it!!

  15. I'd say try Burlington for a dress if you have one near you! I always go there for Xmas party dresses. I've worked at the same company for...way too long...so i can't really repeat dresses but don't want to spend much! :) Good luck.


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