The Me List.

Now that school is out (for two weeks..HOWEVER, I am taking two online summer school classes so NO driving yay!!)I've compiled a "me" list for the summer. I'm so excited to do the things for me that I love to do and haven't had time for. I think having a simple list of things that make you feel good about yourself is really important. Here's my "me" list.


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I spent a few nights last week just lurking my favorite blogs. Sometimes I feel rushed trying to catch up with everyone! Last week I just got lost in blogland. It was so refreshing and made me feel much more connected/down to earth. I need to do this more often!

I've been sporatically taking some machine pilates classes in Little Italy. Machine classes blow my mind. I never thought I could sweat SO easily. It's seriously SO hard but I feel so great afterwards. It's kinda pricy and since I'm not sure if I want to commit to the monthly charge yet. I really want to take a few more classes and some yoga classes so I can really see which I prefer. And speed walking? Just being up front. I can only pretend to jog for so long at the gym ;)


I haven't been to happy hour in oh...say...six months? Plus? I love a girls cocktail hour to catch up in eachother's lives. I've missed out on Taco Tuesday or any other special. This is changing!


Hellloooooooooooooooo Emily Maynard. I WILL watch The Bachelorette every week. Yup. Happening. #TeamArie #fornow.


There is nothing like reading a good book. I love being involved with characters and losing track of what time it is. A well written book invites you in and reminds the reader of how NORMAL problems really are. I need to join the club on this one!

I love cooking for other people (but hate cooking for one!) and I want to make something new a couple times a month. My recipes-to-try list is SO long. This past weekend we made crock pot buffalo chicken lettuce wraps and loaded potato skins for the weekly Game of Thrones party. So delicious & low in calories!

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Yes, I know it's summer. Not spring. Every year even sometimes twice a year I pretend like I'm moving and just go through everything. I re-organize and get rid of stuff. I try to remind myself how nice it is to just be simple.

What's on your me list?


  1. I'm stealing your me list and making it my me list!

    Especially 1, 2 & 3 :)

    I tried to do all of these things when I finished school, but now I'm always out and about with friends! So I'm juts as busy, but at least now it's doing things other than studying...ha!


  2. Sounds like you have a pretty great summer list set up! Good luck on your online summer classes! :]

  3. I haven't been to a happy hour in YEARS. Who are these lucky people that are out of work before 6pm? It sounds like your "me" list will be very cleansing...for your mind and home.

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  4. Love the "me list", great idea! I'm trying to get back into doing yoga again, so that's defiantly one for my list.

  5. Pilates machine classes are so amazing! Can you imagine how good we'd all look if we could take those classes all the time!?

  6. I definately need to add spring cleaning to my list.

    I'm sure everyone is pretty much familiar with these sites, I know, I'm ADDICTED to them...I've taken 5 yoga classes for $20. You can find deals on livingsocial, groupon, gottahalfit, and

    Good Luck with your online classes.

  7. This is pretty much my list too...I've been so busy, but things aren't slowing down for me. I guess I just need to learn better time management...

    Good luck with all of these things though! It's really a great list :)


  8. You need to get on that reading thing especially... So we can discuss haha.

    Okay, so despite being 27 years old now (I think I see a wrinkle), I did not realize how awesome happy hour was until I was in San Diego and did the scene a few nights. I WOULD get into happy hour when pregnant and on an alcohol-free diet but hello, half-price apps, say what?! I need to partake in happy hour every day - every day needs some happy... I mean, right?

    I'm not sure how I feel about you secretly working out behind my back. We'll discuss this later ;) Seriously though I've never done pilates, only yoga, so I'm interested to see which you prefer.

    Oh, and come cook for me. Thanks.

  9. Ok, i pretty much need to do everything you wrote ... haha. i was reading this and kept nodded, yup, need to do that ... yup, need to do that too! so i'm stealing this list!

    and more happy hour ... seriously, we all need more of that in our lives! :)

  10. girrlllll.... any time you wanna happy hour, let me know! i've been diving in head first to as many happy hours as possible since i graduated. haha.

  11. I love lists! I'm making a 101 in 1001, but now I think I'll call it a Me List. Way cute!

  12. I love lists! I'm making a 101 in 1001, but now I think I'll call it a Me List. Way cute!

  13. Nice list! I'm a list maker myself :) And the bachelorette! I try really hard not to watch reality TV (I'd rather read a book or even clean, HA!), but I am already committed to watching this season! Haha

    Hope you have a productive summer!

  14. That series is soo good, plus its based of my city, holler :) ha.

    Enjoy your summer off lovely.


  15. I haven't been to happy hour is forever either. The OKC Art Museum has a weekly happy hour on the roof…it's really cool. I need to go before it gets too hot to handle. I giggled at speed walk, but in reality that's what I'd do on the treadmill too. You should def. try yoga. I like it more than pilates but I think it has something to do with starting it first before I ever tried pilates.

  16. Number 5 is my favorite! You will fall in love with Christian Grey:)

  17. basically we are twins and have the same list. 1
    1. stalk running on happiness because its like my favorite blog ever
    2 spring cleaning for sure
    3 exercise way more
    4 spend time just doing things i like
    5 and cooking more - speaking of which i'm trying indian food tonight? we'll see how cooking this goes ;)

  18. oh you need to get back to happy hours!! they are a necessity!

  19. this is a great idea!! you have a great 'me list'. i need to get on spring {summer} cleaning, too!

  20. just imagine when you graduate, you can have me time all the time!!

    I completely agree for more happy hours!! woo hooo

  21. Great plan(s) and I might steal some of them, too! :)
    I am intrigued by the Game of Thrones parties!?

  22. I've been blog lurking all mornin'!
    That cocktail looks Delicious!!! & I am lovin' Arie as well :]

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