SOLO (not the candy)

You may remember this post when a pair of SOLO eyewear sunglasses were given away on my blog! Okay, maybe many of you new readers do not. So good thing you're here now to read about my favorite sunglasses, right? ;) But look at these bad boys. Seriously. Cute. (No not me...the glasses...ha!)

For every pair of SOLOs purchased, a portion of profits are donated to fund prescription eyeglasses or eye surgery for someone in need. The sunglasses are super affordable (read 50-60% less then your designer glasses) and have natural bamboo arms (AKA REAL!) They are seriously SO so cute and look good on everyone. Ask Sar she won a pair!

SOLO eyewear launched their kickstarter project TODAY.  

Haven't heard of kickstarter? It's the world's largest funding platform for creative projects. I mean yes, SOLO eyewear is a "creative project" but they're already pretty successful as they've been featured on the news and radio several times AND sold out of their last collection. Plus, they throw great parties ;) I'm going to one tonight in honor of their new venture! They have 41 days to raise 10,000 dollars. Each pledge level comes with different incentives such as car decals, t-shirts, stickers, annnnnnnnnddddd pre-orders! The summer collection is now available through pre-orders only. The styles and colors are yet to be announced, but I can tell you, they're AWESOME. They have two repeat colors, two new colors, and a whole new style. SOLO eyewear WILL be huge, I'm tellin' ya! Please take the time to visit their site.


 Oh and for those of you who made it to the end of this post...I'm GIVING AWAY one of my favorite things (CLICK THAT LINK cough cough) tomorrow!! If  TODAY you tweet @SOLOeyewear with a link to this SOLO eyewear can have a secret extra entry in the giveaway tomorrow! This entry option will NOT be listed tomorrow on the entry options. However, I will honor it for those of you who are SOLO fans, tweet, and comment tomorrow saying you tweeted today :) Happy tweeting!


  1. Ooooooooooh I love this a lot. I tweeted @SOLOeyewear just now! I'll be sure to enter tomorrow!!!!!

  2. that last picture has me cracking up. such a little model, that furbaby!
    xx jes

    Buying 2 pairs :)

    Thanks for sharing, giiiirl!

  4. I have never heard of this! Thanks so much for sharing girl - great cause!

  5. This is awesome! Another great thing happening in my hometown! :-)

  6. I will vouch for these sunglasses; I LOVE them! Winning them was pretty awesome, plus I blogged some photos and then ended up on their website! We're practically famous. ;)


  7. Love this and totally wish I had $150 to fork over for the donation level where several pairs would be shipped to my house. For now I will spread the word through the twitterverse ;)


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