Juice Update.

Many of you asked me about my 3 day juice/smoothie detox I started on Monday and I promised to share today. So here goes....

About a month or two ago, I met Ashley at the SoCal Blogger Meet Up. Everyone was really excited to speak with Ashley about her 30 day (YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT THIRTY DAYS) juice detox. After listening to all of the health benefits about her journey, I simply declared something along the lines of "that's not for me." I mean let's be real, I FREQUENT In and Out. I had to stop going to one In and Out location because they knew my order and I was embarassed! That's bad, right? I mean how is a girl who likes her fair share of cow (sorry, vegetarians) going to even consider something like this?

During the past month, I've tried to eat much healthier by adding fruits and veggies only to my breakfast and lunch. I have stomach/digestive issues which can be uncomfortable (read: bloat & other IBS-like symptoms) and wanted to have more energy with my busy schedule and just overall better health. I'd been feeling great lately, and decided I'd try a 3 day version of Ashley's. All I can have are juice/smoothies with fruit and veggies. ONLY. Okay, plus water.

Last week, I had a HUGE all fruit smoothie each morning and a power bar later in the day to hold me over until dinner. I was feeling AMAZING! So I'm thinking "What's 3 days?", right?


Saturday I went fruit and veggie shopping. My veggies were limited as I don't have a juicer and can only work with a blender. I'm not ready to commit to a $100-$300 juicer for three days. Monday was day one. And to be frank with you, it was TORTURE. I made smoothies from this website and some based off of Ashley's blog. ((I'd HIGHLY reccomend checking out her blog if you're interested in doing something like this.)) Around 3 P.M. on Monday I was SOOOOOOO hungry I honestly could have eaten my own arm. Alright, maybe this is exaggeration. But around this time of day last week, I'd eat a protein bar and keep on truckin. This time I wasn't allowed. So after work, I went home. And complained. A lot. And texted everyone I knew who'd tell me to keep going. I had an apple. A smoothie. I started getting some sort of acid reflux/heart burn from all the fruit and little veggies. (HINT, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE VEGGIES)

And then what'd I do? I had a bite of pizza.

Oh yes, you read that right. One bite.

And then, I went to bed.

Feeling better. And worse. All at once. I promised one bite wouldn't kill me, and I'd go strong the last two days.

Yesterday was a little easier but still pretty hard. I was much more prepared about actually HOW MUCH fruit and veggies I need to NOT feel tired. I still craved something other than fruit and veggies. I was still hungry but this time I wasn't on the verge of falling asleep at work. I tried to come up with hilarious excuses to just say "Screw it" and stop the detox. They seemed so absurd that they actually kept me going. For example, I concluded if I won the lottery last night I was going to run to Panera and get myself a bagel. You know the first thing you buy when you win the lottery is definitely going to be a $2 bagel. I mean, DUH.

I'm sure this is not the most inspirational post about juicing. Really, go check out Ashley for that! :X

If anything, I've learned how important fruits and veggies are into my diet. I know, I know, I should have known this already. I mean this is common knowledge. But even eating them for half the day with a sensible diet (like last week) I had a HUGE increase in energy, little to no bloat, and I was...er...a lot more regular. Sorry, TMI! If you're interested in juicing, I'd HIGHLY reccomend doing your research. And be prepared! It's not a walk in the park. Even at three days. But, you learn A LOT about your body and that is most important.

Have you done a detox before?


  1. i seriously cant manage to do a detox. i have FAILED every. single. time! ha * NO WILL POWER *

    but i am happy that you are making it thru even tho it has been rough -- well make it thru even with a bite of pizza. hahaha

    cant wait to hear more about it!!!

  2. ahhh! tell me about it!
    I DID 7 DAYS!!!
    no food whatsoever!
    such a challange! i aimed for 30 but then i started to get "scary skinny" and was forced to stop!

  3. i am slowly working more fruits and veggies into my life. i am on my second day of a "green monster" smoothie in the morning and i like it. you can sip it all morning and you don't feel bloated. i don't know if i could do it ALL day though! wow!

  4. I really don't think one bite of pizza is bad. You gotta do what you gotta do to get through it! I'm glad you haven't quit. Today's the last day!!!

  5. OMG! I don't think I could do it! HAHA I have been trying to eat a ton of fruits and veggies (with my cow! HAHA) and I've noticed that I feel way better, and am more "regular" as well! Apparently they're good for you. Who knew? HAHA

  6. I really need to do something like this! But i don't have a juicer either. I guess I can make do with a blender like you. :] after vacation... it is on!! It's just hard when the boyfriend is a total carnivore!

  7. hollie, you are seriously so sweet for all your kind comments (: and such an inspiration for doing this!!!!

    now, onto you! GREAAAAT job girl! dont beat yourself up over ONE BITE.. one LOUSY bite that did nothing... im so proud you've been able to do it!!! and i'm equally excited you have noticed an increase in energy (: and you are not alone, almost everyone i know KNOWS they need to eat fruits and veggies, but they barely get ANY servings into their days- it's just the world we live in, that convenience world, the one that doesnt give a damn about yours or my health!

    i think the most important thing to take away from this detox is the knowledge of fruits and veggies- how they truly do increase energy, decrease dis-ease, and make you feel alive! so, if anything can be taken away from this, it should be you need more of these alive, REAL foods to truly feed your body (:


  8. I would absolutely love to do something like this because needless to say, I frequent Chic fil a. I need it. College hasn't been the greatest for a girl and her weight! :/ Thank you for sharing such a journey with us! It's inspired me to try harder!

  9. I'm a vegetarian, so my diet does include a lot of fruits and veggies already, but I don't think I could do the juice detox. You are such a trooper! (even if it's only 3 days). I agree that adding more fruits and veggies to your diet just makes you feel better. I've been trying to eat healthier lately (i.e. more salads and less pizza), and it really makes a difference in my energy level.
    Penniless Socialite

  10. I actually think I'm going to go to the new grocery store that Anna was talking about and load up on some fruits and veggies during my lunch break tomorrow. I was doing so good with eating a ton of them every day until a week or so before my trip (b/c I got lazy about grocery shopping). I actually crave them a lot so it's just a matter of getting them in my hands (and then, belly muahaha). I'm glad you're sticking with this! I feel like after you commit to something like this, it makes it a lot easier to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your daily routine. I bet baby carrots and hummus would make for a great and healthy snack after the detox is through, but maybe that's just because that's what I'm wanting to snack on right now ha.

  11. Even since I moved and got this "big girl job" (aka sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day!) I have definitely felt my energy levels go down. My fiancé and I just watched Fat, Sick, and Dying (a documentary about juicing) last night and we want to give it a go. But we don't own a food processor either and are hoping someone buys us the one off our wedding registry!!! hahahaha ...excuses, excuses.

  12. I'm kind of a detoxaholic!I think I've tried like 5 or6 different detoxes now, and on most of them I make it to day 6 before I fold. Usually if I need to detox I go vegan for a while... less stressful than trying to do a full detox, and you have to stay on it longer, but you get a lot of the same benefits. Good for you for branching out and trying something different!

  13. Wow! I do not think I could ever do that! And I would definitely not have been able to have just one bite of pizza, I probably would have eaten the entire pizza haha!

  14. I tried the infamous "Lemonade Cleanse" a few years ago and almost passed out at the end of the first day! Then I tried doing the juice cleanse about a year ago and lasted 2 or 3 days, but I just do NOT have that kind of will power!! I also have a super sensitive body when it comes to diets and stuff so it's hard! I will say, the one thing cleanses do for me is they give me the momentum to start being healthier. After a day or two of a cleanse you look at a normal, healthy salad and drool! I find myself after a day of a cleanse saying, "If I allow myself to eat solids, I promise to only eat healthy!" and I am pretty good about it (for at least a week lol!). Good luck with your future in cleanses!! :D

  15. I love your honesty! There is no way I could ever do this. I lack serious will power.

  16. no i have never done a detox, i don't think i could to be honest! also how do you find out about these SoCal Blogger meet ups? Im still new to blogger so im still trying to learn everything! let me know! thanks! messydirtyhair@gmail.com

    xx Kelly

  17. thats so awesome, i def want to try this but as like you i dont have a juicer i only have a blender.. what would your recommend for a newbie like. Maybe try to do a 3 day like you?>

  18. love love love juicing!!! I have never done a straight detox. But, just from having a juice once a day- my body feels ten times different and better! xo

  19. D and I tried a 5 day juice fast which turned into a 2.5 day fast. It was super hard...and surprisingly expensive! The fruits and veggies for two were insane! I think making them as smoothies (compared to solely juice) may at least make me feel as though I am not wasting so much food. Good luck with the rest of the fast!

  20. Great job girl! I tried a 9 day cleansing diet once that was all fruits & veggies (but very strict on which ones, how much, etc.) I quit on day 3. It is HARD. But I just found Ashley's blog a few days ago...and felt inspired as well. Now seeing you do it makes me even more compelled!

    Also...I didn't know you live in SoCal! What part? I'm from Redondo Beach.

  21. I AM doing this ASAP. I'm excited to hear that I can make a blender work....I'm def with you. I cannot commit to buying a juicer unless I love this detox so much that I could see myself doing it frequently. I've been dying to do a juice detox ever since I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Have you seen it? It was so inspiring. I have a lot to learn about my body and I think that doing this detox will help me to understand what I'm missing....ya know?

    Ok I'll keep you posted. I might do it next week. Would you say day 1 is the hardest?
    I might try to start on a weekend day that way if I'm miserable, I can just sleep it off.

    To be continued...

  22. One month detox? teach me her (and your) ways!
    NO, but seriously.
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  23. oh man, reading this makes me want to throw away my chips and frozen burritos and stock up on some greens! not sure how you did it, but you just made detox sound exciting. :)

  24. I have not tried a detox and I'm not sure I have the will power right now. I think I would need to be off of work too because I'd hate to detox around people with food out all of the time. I might get angry! HAHA! Love how honest you are about your 3 days.

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

    BTW - we just turned 1 yesterday! YAY!! And we are having a little giveaway on our blog and if you are interested we would love to have your stop over and enter. Enter your Love ring giveaway too. Fingers crossed! :-)

  25. I cannot imagine just doing an all fruit and veggie cleanse. What about caffeine?! I would be an angry elf! I'm impressed that you're still going strong. I can't wait to hear about the final results of it all and if it was worth it in the end :)

  26. So you made your own juices.... do you know how much you spent total the three days of juicing that you did? I was thinking about trying out a juice place that offers juice cleanses for $50 a day. Obviously... that is WAY more money than I would spend a day on food. I literally spend less than $8 per day on food - that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Maybe by making the juices yourself, you leave something essential out and thats what made it so difficult. Also, juicing is so messy! I have a juicer and holy gees is a mess. Anyhow... I want to do a juice cleanse ASAP. I will let you know what I figure out. Thank you so much for your comments!


Thank YOU for your comments. <3