Friday Friends.

The winner of the love ring giveaway is Sandy a la mode!! Email me chica!

And now I'd love to introduce you to some friends of mine :)

One of the first blogs I started following was Kaity's. I LOVE her writing style and that she is a HUGE Hunger Games fan. If you go to her page you'll find the Hunger Games just everywhere. She's Team Peeta. I'm Team  Miley Cyrus' Boyfriend  Gale! Go say hi, Kaity is awesome!!

My name is Kaity, and I blog over at adventures of an American girl.  I'm just an average college student battling Alabama's crazy weather and massive piles of homework.  I started blogging last May as I was preparing for a summer spent studying in the south of France; I was originally just writing to keep track of my adventures abroad, but I have since follow in love with this wonderful bloggy-verse and my focus has expanded to include all sorts of randomness.  I love to cook and to write and to take pictures - and of course I love to share about all of the above! 


And then this fool. I don't even know what to say about her. I mean, if you follow my blog you know I talk about her all the time...and in real life. I even pick out stuff at Antrho that looks like her...and then she buys it without even knowing I knew it was her. I even suggested we move in together on "accident"? Be her friend. You want to :)

And Everything Nice is a lifestyle and fashion blog covering everything that I love: fashion (duh), graphic design (hire me!), weddings (duh), recipes (drool), and anything and everything in between. Sometimes I get personal and sometimes I keep it professional. I design wedding invitations and social stationery, business cards and logos too! I also frequently enter in Minted design challenges. Recently one of my designs won!! Hooray! It's an art print and you can find it for sale starting at the end of the first week in April from Minted. Feel free to make an account and vote for me!

twitter: theniceblog
instagram: theniceblog

Need more blogs to stalk? Check out last month's Follow Friday! It's happening again here next Friday so get ready! Have a fabulous weekend loves :)


  1. I will have to check out Kaity's blog :)

    And as for Anna, well, obviously I know that girl. I haven't checked this morning, but if she's beating me in Blitz now then you can guess what I'll be doing all afternoon. B can't wait to see her again and steal all the nice stuff she owns.

  2. I hope you have a lovely weekend, thank you for sharing some of your new favorite blogs :)


  3. Just found your blog from another one I visited. Thanks for sharing these blogs, I am checking them out now! Stop by and visit sometime @

  4. I will have to check'em out! Have a great weekend doll!

  5. yayyyyy awesome! so excited to win the giveaway!! :D

  6. Ahaha, I'm just now reading this. We should start looking at houses to buy. ;)


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