Pedi Egg, Yankee Candles, and Gucci Mane.

Today I'm linking up with beautiful Sar for Thursday Thoughts.

Let the randomness begin! And trust me things are about to get really random around here ;)

You might want to skip over this first one if you don't want to read anything TMI.

{1} In an effort to be more frugal, I've decided to LIMIT my pedicures. Yes, that means, I will be doing it myself for at least 3 months before I let anyone scrub em' down. After like 6-12 weeks even new nail polish and a nail trim isn't really helpin out these feetsies. I'm just gonna say it flat out....the pedi egg is the sh*t! And I love to look at how many "shavings" come off and are going down the toilet. (I can't have them in the trash because I'll think about how it's so gross they're just sitting there til the trash gets taken out.) It's kind of like picking your know it's disgusting but at the same time it's leaves you full of awe. Told ya, TMI!

{2} The Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle was well worth $30. I may never stray to a new scent again. (I know  what you're thinking "a $30 candle!??" after I went on about the issues that come with being frugal BUT I had a $25 gift card people)

{3} I'd do anything for my bangs to grow out. How are we on the verge of curing some cancers and they can't figure out how to make hair grow faster? As Chris Rock once said, how can we find Sadam Hussein in a hole somewhere and we can't figure out who shot Tupac?

{4} I worked as an enrollment advisor at an online school for like 2.5 seconds and the first student I ever enrolled had this sweet beat as his ringback. I called him so much so I really like this song. Just being honest. I like it even more that they spelled "December" "DecemBURR". Play on those words playa!

{5} I'm debating doing another outfit post. Missed the first one? Click here! Maybe this one will be more serious and a little fancier since the last two were pretty casual.

{6} Lauren is coming to San Diego a week from today!!!!!!! I can't wait. ECSTATIC. I may do an in and out fast until she comes so I can really gorge myself when we go.

{7} I'm hoping for nice weather again this weekend! The boyfriend and I do a "summer beach tour" where we hit a different beach each weekend. Last year I REALLY wanted to go to Coronado but the times we wanted to go it was super hazy out. This year it's our first stop!! :)

In the words of Facebook, what's on your mind?


  1. Hahaha, i've been considering the Ped Egg! I'm glad you had such a good experience with it and get a rush when you see all those little shavings, haha! SO funny.

    PS. Giveaway today!

  2. Oh my gosh! I've been growing my bangs out for over a year now. I completely agree with you. It's maddening. They're almost long enough that they don't need bobby pins anymore, but it's like they're STUCK at that length. Just wanted to let you know, I feel ya and you're SO not alone. Remind me that no matter how many celebs look PRESH with bangs (and I so did too), growing them out is a complete bitch haha.

    -Frances @ Keynotes

  3. I can't even recall the last time I had a pedicure (I hate people touching my feet, it's super gross) so maybe I'll try the Pedi Egg?! Although ditto regarding the shavings...ew.

    Speaking of awesome people who will be in San Diego next week, Nick will randomly be there for a UCSD med school interview. Here's hoping to them loving him so much that we get to move there. ;)

    Happy Thursday Holls! The randomness is absolutely perfect.

  4. hahha u are so funny! I don't get pedis bc I am way too ticklish but I am obsessed with my pedi egg! I love doing it to my husband too hahah

  5. Finally, someone who understands my love for the pedi egg!

  6. Yeah I need one of those pedi eggs. Was still hoping for pictures. I save up my cuticles and rough edges during winter since I'm only barefoot while in my home. I can't wait for my first pedi of the season! I'm super ticklish like Ruthie and the ladies doing pedis always laugh at me when I jerk my feet away. But I endure bc I can't paint my own toes.

    I'm SOOOOOO beyond excited for you and Lauren to hang out. I hope I feel like I'm there with you. ;)

  7. What's a pedicure? Lol! It's been years... gross, I know. I need a pedi egg!


  8. I get the foot thing girlfrannnn... I don't pay nearly as much attention to my feet as I should until summer time. then I like to pretend that walking in the sandy part of the river will take care of it for me. It's obviously a lie, ha.

  9. OMG! I LOVE GUCCI MANE! People call me crazy, but he cracks me up. The boyf and I always say burr burr, like at least 5 times a day.

    Where in SD are you at?! I'm in Escondido.
    xoxo kay

  10. As Chris Rock once said, how can we find Sadam Hussein in a hole somewhere and we can't figure out who shot Tupac?

    That man is pretty effin' funny!

    And pedicures cost like $45 in Australia, so I too, am trying to limit them. The ped egg also had a ridiculous price tag (so I got some other random callous file) but I cannot wait to buy one when I get back to the US of A.


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