Friday's Letters


Dear Katniss, I love you....but I finished the end of Mockingjay. I am not impressed. In fact, I am depressed. However, you can redeem yourself this weekend when I see THE HUNGER GAMES in the theater!!!! Um, yes. #cantevenwait.

Dear every person owning hunter boots or wellies, I'm sincerely, sincerely, jealous. It's raining here Sunday!

Dear Boy manfriend, you are my rock. You bring out the best in me, no doubt about it.

Dear Blender, we're going to be great friends starting Monday. 3-5 day juice detox here I come!

Dear God, the signs given to me to keep doing what I'm doing is greatly appreciated. I am thankful to  be a person who can recognize those signs. I hope that I can only continue to grow as a person and enable myself to have more gratitude in challenging situations.

Dear Friday, I thought you'd never come on Monday. But you found a way to show up! I knew you would ;)


  1. this is so cute. and you should totally get some wellies. tomorrow! do it. :)

  2. Ahhhh - I love that you just called your boyfriend "manfriend". I absolutely do the same thing! Also, red Hunter boots. I die.


  3. Nordstroms was having a sale on pink Hunter wellies about a week ago! They were SERIOUSLY cheap... we're talking $40ish! It might be worth checking out still, they were out of my size when I looked. :( I already have a pair of red ones and today is the first day we've actually had rain in awhile! Can't wait to wear them this weekendddd.

  4. This is such a great post! I love that you call him your "manfriend" because I feel so weird saying boyfriend when I know that mine isn't actually a boy anymore! :)

  5. Hunters will come on sale on Gilt again and we'll make sure you get them before I visit next time... Just in case, since you know the influence I tend to have on weather =\

    Also I love your new blog deets. I see Anna works well on pain meds...? ;)

    1. hahaha! Maybe so. Don't all artist do their best when not sober? ;)

  6. Mockingjay made me cry SO MUCH.
    And I second that jealousy of people with Hunter wellies!

  7. Love that quote - one of my favorites :)
    AND I can't wait for Hunger Games this weekend, either!
    The last book left me super depressed, too...what the heck?!

    Happy weekend, girl!

  8. I WAS SO SAD when I finished Mockingjay!! Ugh, I feel your pain so much! I went to a midnight showing last night and the movie was really good (I didn't say GREAT, although some people I know have said GREAT hahaa. I think I will blog about this later lol). I hope you enjoy it!!

  9. Amen to your last little note! I seriously doubted that Friday would ever make it here, ha ha!
    I have to wait until Monday to see Hunger Games... AH! I can't wait though :) (and I was depressed after finishing the last book as well)

  10. juice detox?!??! You are brave! I couldn't do it I don't think! I am so so sooooooo glad you linked up today! YAY! I just love you and your blog, duh.


  11. two things...

    can we talk about why you're disappointed in katniss? is it because of who she chooses or because of the fact that she didn't really have to make the choice... if that makes sense? because i have mixed feelings.

    and will you share what you're doing for the juice cleanse? i have been super curious in these and would love to know the details!!!

  12. Haha..I love your "man"friend... so cutesie!! :) Happy Friday!

  13. JUICE DETOX OMG! The 3rd book depressed you? It's a struggle bc you want Katniss to be with you know. I feel like I can't say much now that movies are coming out. !!!! Hope it's good!

  14. Love Hunter wellies too! I want a pair. What color would you get? Good luck on the juice cleanse. You are a lot braver that I could ever be:)

  15. Katniss will def redeem herself....I saw the movie last night and AMAZING doesn't even do it justice. LOVE!!! Happy weekend and enjoy!

  16. I only read through 3/4 of the first book of Hunger Games because frankly it was a bit depressing. But I need to hurry up and finish the other 2 books so I can find out who she chooses. Eek!

    p.s. please share about your juice cleanse, sounds interesting

  17. I thought the same about her at the end of book 2 too. You'll like her in the end. Not love but like lol.


  18. Oh I Love this! Yes I am also glad it is Friday--WOO hoo to that! And I am happy you have such an awesome boyfriend, those always rock :)

  19. Real nice.

  20. I have been eyeing a pair of Sperry's boat shoes and I just can't separate with my money right now. Good luck on your juice detox, make sure you post your progress because I wouldn't mind trying to do one.

    I don't typically participate in these tag games but I was tagged and figured why not? If you don't do these when tagged please don't feel obligated to do so but if you do I look forward to reading your answers (:


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