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Hi friends! Many of you have asked me about my juice/smoothie detox that I'm starting today (EEEK!) so I will be sharing a post about it on the blog on Wednesday! Not gonna lie, I had chinese food last night which probably wasn't the best idea as a pre-detox meal. Let the hunger games pains begin! ;)

Calling any interested April sponsors!

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Stuff sometimes people want to know:
As of 2/27/12
+597 followers  friends via GFC
+808 followers on twitter ((@itsmehollieann))
+4-5 new posts per week
+topics: style, design, lifestyle, "humor";)
+17,000+ pageviews for the month of January and on track to increase substantially for the month of February

For the right product, giveaways can be negotiated through email.

Interested? Email me! hollietakesnotes@gmail.com

PS-Found this on pinterest and had to share! What a better way to think of Monday!


  1. i need to juice real bad but first i need a juicer. son of a...

  2. So excited to hear about the detox! A friend and I are looking to try something similar, so I'm looking forward to some first-hand accounts of how it goes!

  3. Good luck with the detox, Hollie! Can't wait to hear more about it!
    Also, love that Pinterest find - "My Day" sounds muuuuuuuch better! :) Have a great day!

  4. Chinese food is the perfect pre-detox meal ;) I mean get it all out of your system right?! Cant wait to hear more about your experience with juicing! I cant wait to do this after baby...

  5. Let me know how the whole juice diet goes... I can't wait to listen while I eat my cheeseburgers ;) Haha I'm kidding, I kind of want to do it, but it will have to be awhile until I do.

  6. P.S. for like $50 do I get a shoutout on your header? I mean, it's just an idea hahaha... I'm kidding btw, seriously I am.

  7. Good luck on your juice fast! It's not easy but the results are worth it :)

  8. Hey Hollie! Just emailed you about sponsoring in the month of April!

    ANDDDD, I should do a juice fast. Last night for dinner I had Doritos and a Snikers bar...I wish I were lying, but I'm not.

  9. So excited to hear all about the juicing stuff! I have been juicing tons, I would love to know the benefits or juicing verses smoothies too! I just love juice so much more! :)

  10. Girl! you shouldnt be hungry! Just make sure you are juicing/eating plenty of veggies, they keep you the fullest :) the all fruit juices taste bomb, but they dont last long. Good luck!!! text me if you need encouragement or just to vent haha

  11. Such a great Monday note. :) Can't wait to hear about your juice experience! And I haven't visited since you redesigned your blog! It's SO cute! Just thought you should know and thought I should apologize for being such a bad blog friend. :P

  12. Great note! I have a flower necklace giveaway here (in case you are interested): http://natbeesfashion.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/lace-flower-necklace-giveaway.html

    Dont forget to enter!

  13. you can do it girl! just remember: you can juice/smoothie/eat ALL the fruits and veggies you care for and reap the same detox benefits.. no joke (: your cells and therefore your body, are going to LOVE you for this (:

    if you are interested, go to sparkpeople.com and sign up... i used that site to track my calories to make sure i was hitting about 1600-2200 cals a day (that's what works for me with my activity levels, lifestyle, yadda yadda yadda..).. i REALLY receommend doing this- you may be surprised how little/many calories are in produce..


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