I wore one shirt all weekend.

The SoCal Blogger Meet Up was a blast! 

Roppongi in La Jolla were amazing hosts and provided us with some really delicious appetizers...I fancied these extremely delicious peppers. So much in fact, that I had AT LEAST ten. I would say fifteen is highly likely #innerfatty.  I will definitely be going back there for some sushi! Plus, they have their own parking garage which is necessary in La Jolla. 

There were SO many bloggers there, I didn't even officially meet at least a third of them. If I didn't meet you, I'm sorry!! I think we can all agree, the meet up was a little overwhelming at times with SIXTY attendees!

I also didn't take a whole lot of pictures. I was embarrassed of my little digital camera next to all these high tech DSLR's ;) 

Candy station at the SoCal Blogger Meet Up!

Some Raffle Prizes!

With Kelsey. I NEED her necklace!! 

My bangs can die. Remember all of you who said they were cute? AHEMMM??

Here I am with  Jamie, Katie, and Meg!! Loved these ladies. They occupied a lot of my time at the meet up. I just couldn't get enough :) Katie and I spotted each other right away, it was pretty cute to be honest. Meg is so easy going and sweet. She totally deserved to win the grand prize of a theit camera bag! I'm pretty sure everyone was insanely jealous at that moment. Hopefully she's gonna hold it down for us with the stone age blogger digital cameras. I am going to obsess Jamie's blog all the time now after meeting her. She's the cutest.

I loved getting to chat with AmiraDevonAshleyBritt, and Ashley. They were all so friendly and genuine. I would absolutely hang out with any of them! Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds kept saying things like "I'm moving back to Michigan some day" and on the inside I was like "oh I know". Helloooo blog stalker!

The boyfriend and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Sunday by taking a Hornblower Brunch Buffet Cruise around San Diego bay. We're pretty lucky because this weekend every year in February is BEAUTIFUL. I couldn't have asked for better weather.

I woke up this morning and knew what I was going to pile on my plate at this buffet. Bacon. The bacon trend has hit me head on. There were so many desserts, pasta salads, breakfast sweets and meats, endless champagne (we made mimosas!) and yet I beelined it to the bacon. It's my anniversary and I'll eat what I want to ;)

How did we get one of the best tables on the ship!?

Same shit shirt. Different day.

I love this picture. Proud to be an American!!!

 Isn't he adorable? Yeah, sorry he's taken ;)

Coronado Bridge!

And hell, maybe I'll wear this shirt to work tomorrow? 

How was your weekend?

Ps-Some of you who followed me from #ff don't have your blog listed in your google profile. If I missed you and am not following, please let me know and leave your blog link below!


  1. Cute pics :)
    and seriously that Horn Blower cruise looks so so fun! I want to do that with my boy too

  2. I am not sure if you're following my blog or not, but I've recently found yours and have enjoyed reading and following along. I appreciate what you've done with #ff series. Such a great way to connect with fellow bloggers. I read Amira's wrap up post on the So Cal meet up, and was mildly (OK--MAJORLY) jeal of your fun times. We're trying to do something similar with some bloggers in Minneapolis, but our group is a slight bit smaller.

  3. Ahhh loved meeting you! and yes, it was pretty cute how we immediately made eye contact like it was a blind date or something! haha! :)

    please wear that shirt to work tomorrow... and I am stealing that picture of the 4 of us.

  4. Ahhh I am so jealous of this picture! I want to just photoshop myself in....is that creepy?! You looked gorgeous all weekend! Love that shirt! :)

  5. how fun! Love seeing blogger meet-up pictures. And your shirt is so cute, I'd definitely wear it two days in a row!

  6. I'm SO jealous that you were at that meet up! I read several of those girls' blogs!

  7. I knew I'd like this post based on the title alone. But then again I always like your blog entries...??

    I think you look cute. I can't see your bangs but that doesn't mean I don't like them.

    Also, the cruise looks fab. I feel like these pictures were posted for me to say, "Hey Lauren, look what you'll get to see in like, a month".

  8. Happy anni to you and the boyfriend!! And I want to know more about these pepper things.

  9. I wish I would have mingled more and gotten to meet you! Are you from Michigan? The cruise looks amazing, I want to go on that sometime!


  10. HA! okay, so I was THE FIRST one to dive into the food. and everyone was staring at me #innerfatty !

    and you are so cute! I love that you knew that eventually we will be headed back to MI, although CA has ruined me for life. I want to stay here forever! If we head back down that way we have to try and get together again! LOVED meeting you!


  11. awesome pictures! LOVED meeting you Saturday! and your sunday anniversary looks soooo much fun.. i agree, your anniversary, you eat what you want to (: (and nice shirt lady- a little jealous you could pull off one shirt all weekend- i would be A MESS!)

  12. It looks like you ladies did such a nice job putting this blogger meet-up together! Decorations, prizes, venue, everything!

  13. LOVED your recap! I have to tell you, I wore the same shirt all weekend too! At least you switched it up, and changed out the pants for the skirt. I wore the same jeans too! Yep.


  14. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I'm kind of envious I don't live in SoCal! I've been there though and loved it!! Happy Anniversary to you! :)
    Kristina @ The Streeters Unlimited

  15. Looks like you had such a wonderful weekend! I wish I lived in California so I could have met up with you all!

  16. okay I want your weekend! it looks like a blast girl! I have loved reading about the blogger meet up on some of my favorite blogs. I love it when bloggers are friends in real life!

  17. Did you wear the shirt today? I GOT to know :) and your bangs look great, you're crazy.

  18. Hollie! It was so great to chat with you for a bit at the SoCal Blogger Meetup :) You are so sweet and I'm glad we got to connect at least for a bit. Do keep in touch!

    Nook & Sea

  19. Your blog is adorable! I am so glad we were able to connect at the meet-up!

  20. girrlllll I'm all about same outfits. usually I go with the same jeans for like 4 days straight. and no that is NOT an exaggeration. though I wish it were. :]

  21. nothing wrong with wearing that shirt this weekend because it is really cute, looks great on you and you can wear it with jeans as you did or with that super cute skirt. congrats on two years with your man! so glad we met up this weekend, looking forward to hanging out with you again

  22. I'm not gonna lie. I'm super jealous of the meetup! I want to meet all of those girls too!!

    Happy anniversary! Looks like you spent the day well. And looked adorable doing it.


  23. Ahhh how fun!! I love blogger meet ups :)

  24. It looks like you ladies had a fabulous time! So sad I missed it, but I will definitely try to come next time!

    And congrats on your anniversary!


  25. Okay, so seriously... I am moving to San Diego. I'm not sure when yet. But I am. And these pictures confirmed that. Not that it needed to be confirmed because it was already set in my mind.

    Anywayyyy-in BOTH pictures I was like, "Ah, I love that shirt!" Totally not realizing it was the same shirt... regardless of your post title. Loooove it!! :)

  26. I like that shirt, even if it was probably stinky!! Looks like you had a good weekend!

  27. What a fun weekend. It looks like the weather was beautiful in San Diego. The Blogger Meet-Up looks like such a great event and such a great group of ladies.


  28. Hi! The San Diego Blogging event looks like so much fun! I am a San Diego girl too! Check out my blog Sparkle at Twenty Something if you get a chance! :)


    P.S. you have a new follower! :)

  29. happy anniversary! It looks like you had an amazing time at the meet up and on your anniversary date!


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