How to Wear Color + A Giveaway

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 It's all about color and how to incorporate it into your closet. I'm such a blog poser, I'm always posting about this color and that color and the farthest I've gone is painting my toenails mint and my nails bubblegum princess pink.

I'm supposed to say something funny now, but the pressure is just too much. So just know that Anna is insanely sarcastic and fantabulous and you'll love her suggestions! Oh and also know that she is a liar. She claims to be a "formal" writer but twitter is still writing...and she says informal hilarious stuff on there all the time. Check her @theniceblog and you can find concrete proof!

So I guess in all honesty she's not like Jim Carrey in Liar Liar...she's just a little too humble.

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Hi friends, it's Anna from And Everything Nice. I'm excited to be sharing with you today and hope that you will hop on over to my blog after this and check out for more stylish tips and things I'm loving. My favorite trend by far right now is all of the colors so I wanted to show you some ways to incorporate color into your wardrobe this spring/summer, whether it's a little pop or a big punch. I've heard a lot of "I couldn't pull that off" being said, but it's simply not true. Everyone and anyone can wear color! The most important thing to remember when wearing something you think might be a big risk is this: YOU wear the color, don't let the color wear you. Wear your outfit with your shoulders high and always make eye contact. I promise that by the end of the day you will be smiling naturally and feel more confident in yourself (which is the most important thing here) and your outfit. I personally love adding punches of colors to my outfits through my accessories: handbag, shoes, and jewelry, but I also look forward to sporting a bold colored dress or wearing two colors paired together. What's one way you would like to add some color to your outfits? 

Thanks so much to Hollie for having me! My writing is kind of formal so I'm relying on her to add some funnies to this. Which I'm sure she will…. (hint hint). Also, don't forget to check out And Everything Nice for more inspiration and fashion. 
xo, Anna


  1. I need that shiny skirt and those mint green shorts. And more more more colored denim.

  2. Oh I am just loving each of these pieces! They are beautiful colors!


  3. O I must have that yellow blazer... stat!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I'm going to get Hollie to wear something colorful when I see her next month... and take a picture. I can't wait. I know you'll be so proud of me, Anna :)

  5. omg! i LOVE all of these! they are so pretty and bright!

  6. I love this post because I am very much a girl who always wears neutrals! However I am starting to get a lot of color in my wardrobe and love it!

  7. I am a neutra and black/grey girl. I have specks of pink here and there but I really would love to spice up my wardrobe with statement pieces like accessories etc.


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