I don't know what I even did this weekend.

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Here's my weekend in pictures :)

Yummy Saturday breakfast/brunch at Opera Patisserie.

That's a scrambled egg and bacon croissant sandwich.

I could eat this for every meal possibly.

Still meh about my bangs.

Saturday we originally had plans to go to the Wild Animal Park.

It's like the zoo but more safari-ish and the animals have more roam area.

But then after our huge breakfast, pretty much my energy went downhill.

Boyfriend suggested we go get a bottle of wine. At noon. Which is so out of character for us, really.

First of all. I can't hang. I am not a day drinker and binge drinking backfires on me these days.

Hangovers get worse with age. I live in terror of them so I usually keep it to 1-3 drinks.

Anyways we hit up BevMo! and discovered they have wine tasting there Saturdays from 12-3?

I mean who goes and buys booze Saturday from 12-3, so how could we have known that?

So for $2 each we got to try 3 different white wines and 3 different red wines.

They were also having their 5 centwine sale! Buy one get one for 5 cents so we stocked up.

Stocked up so we could have bottles on hand for special occasions (aka when we make dinner...yes this is a special occasion :/)

We also realized the importance of cheese for mass wine consumption.

I wanted something rich like a gouda but boyfriend wanted spicy. I'm pretty much a cheese fiend so a jalapeno pepper jack was totally fine with me.

Somehow our day drinking sesh went from one bottle...

...to two

...to three

...and a half.

We ordered a pizza at 6.

Fell asleep by 8.

And did not wake up until 9 am Sunday.

Spontaneous wine extravaganza=Saturday win!

Here's me proving I can wear color in my Wild Animal Park outfit.

I'm usually a neutrals slave.

I don't have kids but DVF for Baby Gap!!?? SOOOOOO CUTE!!

I had to send this picture to Lauren. It comes out March 15th and since homegirl will be in San Diego then...and we have plans to hit up the mall & Mecca In and Out we are definitely going to check out the collection. Sadly, these dresses are $50 each. But definitely worth an oogle fest.

Sunday I sat with the love of my life.

Chamomile Tea, duh.

No kind of tea soothes as well as this. 

Challenge me. I dare you.

How was your weekend?!


  1. Haha cheese and wine sounds good to me! Glad you had a nice weekend. I like you bangs btw!

    - Sarah

  2. I like the bangs!! You should like them too. :)

  3. Sounds like a good weekend - that breakfast! And cheese?! Win!


  4. That croissant looks fantastic. And your bangs look even better! Don't feel so meh. ;) Glad you had a fun night out with your friends, and you got to sleep in! So happy for you!

  5. omg i can't get over that crossaint sandwhcih i'm so hungry!

  6. Looks and sounds like you had a good weekend, those dresses are cuteeee! :)

  7. That breakfast looked amazing! Have you tried chamomile with lavender before? It's definitely right up there with chamomile.

  8. I have GAP coupons on the regular so I can get those cute little dresses for under $50, watch me.

    I'm in awe of your wine binge haha, but seriously I am.

  9. First, I'm diggin' the bangs!!

    Secondly, don't you just love when random awesomeness like your Saturday happens?? Completely unplanned. SO fun!!

  10. So this wine extravaganza sounds pretty perfect!! And the bangs are lovely, friend!!

  11. I laughed SO hard about the wine!! Sounds like such a fun Saturday :)And your bangs are SO cute!


  12. Um, you're weekend takes the cake. In fact, why didn't you have some cake this weekend. It would've been the icing on top of a grand weekend. Damn, I'm shooting these puns out of the park. ;) I saw that DVF for Gap ad and was like WHYYYY don't I have a baby girl RIGHT NOW?!?! At least I can live that out through Lauren. I like your weekend a lot. And I LOVE your bangs!!

  13. oh, also, I'm right there with you about being terrified of hangovers!

  14. Hi - I recently found your blog - I live in the San Diego area too!
    We love Bevmo's 5 cent wine sale and always stock up!

    fun weekend :-)

  15. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I got to spend mine with my family since I was off school today for Presidents Day. Have a terrific week!

  16. looks like you had a great weekend hollie!
    love your bangs :]

  17. omg. i just had breakfast but i feel a little pain of hunger after looking at this. so yummy! and coffee!...i NEED more coffee lol.

  18. Yea, I day drank yesterday. But not just wine or beer, I had a vodka soda. At 2pm. Over amazing pizza. Then I went home and napped. I think it's awesome that you had a great afternoon of drinking, cheese-ing (yes, I made that up, but I love cheese and eating cheese too!). Happy Tuesday, friend!

  19. I think you are just the cutest Hollie! :) I wish I had some wine right about now! Sounds delicious!! :)


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