Friday Funnies + Opportunities

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It's Friday...And I'm so happy to post another Friday Funnies! And super happy to sleep in this weekend? :X No, I am not eighty years old.

I love sharing with you all what's made me laugh this week. All I can hope for is that you actually laugh ;)

Source: via Matt on Pinterest

And now some news!

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  1. These made me laugh all the way down the list! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. HILARIOUS!! Thanks for sharing. Great kick off to my Friday am. Ah, I wish I had time to still run my shop, I'd be all about ad space. As it is, no time. But I love your blog and it's great that you have so much traffic coming through. Have a FAB weekend!!

  3. Hahaha! These are great! The one about the tea is typical British passive aggressive-ness (is that a word?!) Love it!:)

    Happy Friday Hollie!

  4. Poe Dancing made me spit my water out at my desk because I started laughing so hard!

  5. I've seen the Poe Dancing one before but it definitely makes me laugh every time I see it!!

  6. ahahahaha someone shit in the hallway!!! love it.

    best of luck to you in your sponsorships!

  7. Love the UK one! Saving it on my computer!

  8. The tea anarchy one is classic. Too funny!! It's my first visit here, really enjoying your blog! :)


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