Sweet Stuff.

I have a confession.

I do have a great design eye. I can visualize a room quickly. I can come up with a lovely outfit quick. I can create it in my head no problem.


I'm not very crafty. Okay, I can't be described as crafty at all.
I'm not that good with my hands.
My only talent is getting necklaces untangled.
I get impatient.
I will probably never have an Etsy shop.
I have a million pins on pinterest. Most of them I won't even attempt.
I need my DIY to be EASY. Real easy.

So when Allison invited me to join her and some other fabulous bloggers in hosting a valentines link up referencing anything to do with DIY and/or love, I was skeptical.

Like, WOW that sounds great.

((Like totally omg))

WOW, I'd love to do that.

But what kind of poser hosts a link up that finds curling their hair with anything but a curling rod impossible?

I showed her my last year's DIY cookie creation I did for Valentines day.

((This is break and bake with a cookie cutter, and strategically placed peanut butter m & ms. Told you. It's got to be EASY.))

She said it would work!

Wahoooooooo :)

So here I am. Announcing to you a really fun link up coming your way!

Come share your favorite post of anything lovie with the blog world! This can be a recipe, a DIY craft, an outfit, your valentines want list, a cute video/story you found on the web...ANYTHING to do with valentines day! So that means the less crafty of us, can celebrate a blogger's valentines day too! I promise to come up with something more fabulous than my cookie creation above....but let's be real, if it's DIY it will be REAL simple.

Feb 1st, link up to ONE of five blogs ((Mine, AllisonMelissaLiz, or Rushelle)) and your link will be shown on all five bloggers sites. So just link up once. Then make new friends and get new ideas for your valentine! Even if it's a friend, your mom, or yourself. Everyone has a valentine, really.

Love actually is all around us. <3

So really, there are no rules. But this is a fun way to share the post you were already going to post ((yep, calling YOU out here))

Spread the love on your blog, twitter, fb, whatever with the button Melissa made ((Pineapple Lily for those of you bad with names))!

And start thinking of your post, friends!! :)



  1. YAY!!! I am SOO uber-ly (Yep I make up words, cause I'm cool like that) excited about this!! I can't wait!! :) I'll be posting about it tomorrow. woo-hoo!!

    All The Love In The Universe

  2. This sounds so fun! I'm already thinking of V-Day DIY's to try out! xoxo Marissa


  3. What cute cookies!


  4. Love those cookies and this idea!! :-)

  5. Umm I'm not crafty but I can pin the ish out of stuff.



  6. I am definitely not crafty either! But your cookies are cute! I do see all those DIY pins on Pintrest and wonder how they do those!!

    This sounds awesome about the link up! :)

    Hope you have an amazing 2012!


  7. I love this idea :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Laura xo

  8. Count me in! Such a great idea ;-)

  9. yayyy. this is awesome. PS your blog always crack me up, and now I know who to send my necklaces too when they are tangled!!

    Classic & Bubbly

  10. Hi Hollie, thanks for stopping by in my blog, what a lovely idea for valentine's day, i'm thinking in make a diy now :)

  11. Such a cute idea! I love Valentine's Day!

  12. Yay I can't wait for this :)
    Thanks for following my blog!

    It makes me happy to know that I am not the only one who struggles with DIY/craftiness. I try & try but I usually end up sitting defeated with a half done craft and my fingers hot glued together.
    I feel you girl ;)


  13. sounds AWESOME! I'm game. :)

    I have my moments of craftiness, but most of the time I feel pretty lost. I love it when inspiration hits, though!


  14. What a fun idea! I AM NOT crafty either girl! :) We are pretty awesome with words though huh?! ;)

  15. What a great idea!!! Happy New Year!!


  16. I can't wait to see what crazy difficult craft/baking challenge you present us with!! :)

  17. i can't wait for the link-up! i am the worst at crafting ha so that is why i never do it! NEVER.

  18. What a great link-up! I need to mark my calendar :)

  19. Thanks for the invite Allison….


    I can't wait to see what you whip up. I'm going to have to send you my Valentines creation from a couple years ago.

  20. Hollie!!! I can't wait to meet you at the SO Cal blogger meet up!!! I love that you created these linkys for #FF and seriously love your blog. Am definitely a new follower. I would love to discuss button swapping - send me an email please lilnoodlebug@gmail.com :)

  21. Thanks for sharing! Cannot wait to participate in the link up party! I am your newest follower! Your blog is so cute. I would appreciate it if you came and followed me also. I am doing a wonderful giveaway, free digital scrap booking software! Check it out at my blog | http://milliemorganmedia.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-memories-software-giveaway.html

  22. Such a fun idea! Can't wait! I just completed a few little crafty decorations!


Thank YOU for your comments. <3