Weekend in pictures.

Friday, boyfriend & I hiked Cabrillo Monument National Park in Pt. Loma (San Diego)

I was off work and looooving it.

((My guns are large and in charge))

((top of the lighthouse!))

((hazy beautiful view))

Friday night we cooked Fajitas loosely based on a Rachel Ray recipe and then watched this extremely average historical based mini series on Netflix called Archangel with Daniel Craig. It was very meh. Trust me, you should pass.

New Years Eve was a low key night at my friend Jessica's followed by a quick bar trip to ring in the new year.

((Best faces ever, I know))

((Yes, this mannequin has a mustache?? What has the world come to.))

Sunday was a lazy day with a huge breakfast, a trip to Yogurtland, and a Chargers win against the dirtiest team in the NFL.

How was your New Years weekend??


  1. what a great weekend! happy new years!

  2. What a great weekend you had! Happy NY girl!

  3. Sounds like a fab weekend & yes, your guns are large & in charge. HAPPY 2012!

  4. My Eagles won too! holler holler

    Our NYE was so low key but also very lovely lol. Great dinner at a brew pub, then wine at a wine bar then champagne with friends at midnight. Then we went home like old retired people who hadn't been up passed midnight in about 50 years. whatev lol

  5. Looks like an awesome NYE :)

    Happy 2012!

  6. I love that you are always out doing stuff!! Next time hub and I have a day off together I am totally bugging you for something fun to do in SD :)

  7. I love Cabrillo! I haven't had the chance to explore the whole park yet. I should this year some time!-Jessica


  8. Oh my gosh. The mustache. I'm dying.

    Cute blog! I'm a follower now :)

  9. You didn't take any pictures with your new girl buds from the bar??? Disappointed.

  10. Fun weekend~that mannequin is hilarious!


  11. nice guns. you go to the gun show recently? ha not funny i know. glad you had a great weekend!

    Happy New Year! xoox.


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