Prep School.

Lately I've been loving and pining over everything preppy. Maybe it's that I'm conciously trying to extend my wardrobe with what I have. So when I get something new, it's definitely CLASSIC. Unless it's a cheapy super trendy shirt that's under $25. Otherwise, if I'm investing my hard earned dollars you best believe it better be lasting me a long time. I mean how else do you justify $125 rain boots? Yes, I am still contemplating and lusting over Hunters. (Mind you it was supposed to be 85 degrees yesterday)

Just look at my inspiration post ((through pinterest & linking up with Michelle)) and tell me you don't want to put a little prep in your step.

I dare you.

Source: via Pascaline on Pinterest


  1. I love it!! The pink pants outfit is my fave...I might have to go buy pink pants right now!

  2. I love all of these. Super cute!

  3. I. love. it. all

    and to go into details here....
    Those jeans shorts? I need.
    The thigh socks? Obsessed.
    And well a pair of Hunters? I'm still trying to convince myself it would be ridiculous to buy a pair.

  4. I am digging the preppy look :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Obsessing over the second & third outfits.
    Time to go shopping?!
    I think so ;)


  6. omg why do I always forget to do this link up!?!?

    I'm a major prep. I feel like all of my classic pieces are preppy, but maybe it's because prep is always in style?

    Definitely only paying a pretty penny for pieces I'll be wearing on the regular for years.

    haha you want Hunters? In SD?! Crazy girl…move to Oklahoma. You'll actually wear them. ;)

  7. Love it all, every single one of them! Especially the outfit with the red Hunters!

  8. Great pins! I like the preppy look!

    Lyndsay @ Simply Lyndsay

  9. Love the preppy look sometimes! :) I wish my uniform from HS still fit! Ha ha!

  10. I seriously love me some Prep! Great pics!

  11. My closet is mostly dedicated to prep. I have at least 4 pairs of Sperry's - that's normal, right? I still think you need to invest in some Tom's. For real. They're sort of a prepster thing right now, do it do it.

  12. i love the classic look! it is a good wardrobe staple to have and you can wear them each season and still look smokin' hot!

  13. These pics are so great! I loooove sweaters with collars peeking out and shorts with tights!

  14. oh gosh, adore the preppy look so much. and you can never go without using gossip girl. adore it all so much!!!
    xo TJ

  15. I'm definitely in the same mindset right now, and you can never go wrong with classic pieces. I especially love the picture with the boat shoes up there. Love boat shoes!


  16. I love all these looks, my favorites are the third and fourth! And thank you for the sweet comment! Lovely blog, following you back xo

  17. your blog is so cute! i'm in love. and these prep outfits are just dreamy.

  18. Hmm. Ive never been tooooo much of a preppy person.

    But I do really like the looks with long sleeve sweaters and blazers over shorts. We always pair short sleeves with long pants, but somehow its fresh and more fun to reverse it. :P


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