Letters to the Editor

I've seen this around the blog world but I'm stealing/giving credit to TJ  for this one.

Dear Self,
Remember your mini new years resolutions for each month? It's January 19th......and your life is about to get MUCH busier with school starting, your blog...and oh yeah your full time job. Get on January's resolution!

Dear Boyfriend,
You kind of kick my butt into shape without even knowing it. You're such a go getter and sometimes I'm not. You make those feelings of wanting to go out and do something fabulous a much higher priority for myself. I don't tell you that your own passions that are oh so different from mine inspire me to be the me I want to be. Thank you.

Dear Lauren,

Dear iPad,
I need to get you a case. I don't know why I'm being overly picky about this. I don't want to spend $50 but all the cheapies just aren't good enough for you ;) Suggestions!?

Dear Skin,
Constellations are for the stars not for my face. I'd appreciate it if you'd play nicer.

Dear Target,
I blame you for my desire to redecorate my room each season. Stop with the cute matching room stuff every two months!!!!

Dear Too Short New Bangs,
You're growing on me. (No pun intended)

Dear Bloggers,
Thank you SO much for linking up for Follow Friday last week!! I was so happy/surprised/shocked/excited/anxious okay mostly happy that so many of you participated! I got some great feedback and would LOVE for you all to join me again tomorrow. If you missed last week, read about what it is here.

Dear California Drivers,
You're sincerely the worst of the worst. I'm pretty sure everyone who was a poor driver moved here.

What would you say if you wrote a bunch of short letters today?


  1. I bought an iPad case that had a built in keyboard that connects via bluetooth, so it would be easy to type things and I wouldn't need to use my laptop. It was like $100 and it just about killed me to pay that. Can't wait for follow friday tomorrow!

  2. If you like little letters, Todays Letters have been writing each other letters since the beginning of time (todaysletters.com) and then Megan over at Happy Day (thehappydayblog.blogspot.com) does Dear Monday link ups every Monday!

  3. I got my case on Amazon for about $15 dollars cheaper than other places. Just find a design you like and put the product type in the amazon search box! I hope that helps! =)

  4. Love these letters! I especially love the Knocked Up clip, that was one of my favorite parts of the movie! If I had to write a letter to myself right now, it would say, "Stop watching the Kardashians! Why aren't you jogging??"

    Totally going to participate in Follow Friday #excited

  5. dear iPad...i thought this was cute! http://www.etsy.com/listing/85119076/ipad-case-ipad-cover-ipad-clutch-case?ref=sc_4&sref=sr_fd6a3f1c1bd01e5ea2bc5b3ba219bccc3bbd8da82103fac4a29e284a49cbae83_1326989296_14092883_ipad

  6. OMG I need to watch that video... why am I at work right now??? AHHHH. The bangs one cracked me up and I totally think you did intend the pun, you jokester you.

  7. Dear Hollie,
    Your blog just put a smile on my face that was much needed.

    Dear self,
    You're terrible with disappointment. Learn how to cope better and stop crying every time you get disappointed.

  8. HAHA~ Hilarious :)



  9. I love this! My letter to target would have to say something like stop having such cute things because I always walk out with everything that wasn't on my list! Hope your having a great day!

  10. this made me smile! :) and laugh! Ha ha I often ask my face the same thing!

  11. What a fun post! I added your FF button too :)


  12. dear ca drivers, i second hollie's comment. you need to learn how to drive better and be a bit more polite. we all have somewhere to go so stop trying to get there faster, i would rather like to arrive a alive than dead, thanks.

  13. I love these, and I'm excited for tomorrow!

  14. If I wrote some of these, I would start by saying I got the idea from you :) Yours are more hilarious than mine would be anyway. "Bangs" is my favorite.

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  16. What a fun post!!

    megs [at] Shine On

  17. Not only true about the California drivers...but the highways around here are awful. It was as if no planning whatsoever was put into any f their designs.

    And yeah, so true about Target. I have to avoid the home section =).

  18. I just found your blog and your comment about the drivers made my day. I have almost given up on the 15 since i get ran off the road almost every week. Add rain and you have a disaster.


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