Elliptical Fun.

Before you read any further, know this: This was meant for a good hearty laugh.

So once upon a time (okay two days ago??)

I told Anna I'd make her an elliptical dance playlist on Spotify.

I want to show her the ways of dancing on that crazy machine called the elliptical. Show her the ways of just embracing that you look like an idiot on there no matter what...so you might as well enjoy yourself.  I'm a pro at that.

She's trying to re-establish a relationship with the elliptical (Might I add the whole re-establish part was because she was of commission, NOT from laziness) As her friend, I just want to help make it as smooth of a transition as possible for her.

I mean sometimes you just gotta go with it on there. Even if you almost fall off and are laughing hysterically....alone.

Are we human or are we dancer?

I like to lean towards dancer.

 Anywho, this playlist/joining Spotify is taking me a long time. Because I am super busy focusing on New Years resolutions and doing big things like that.

Big things like macking on some knock off cheetos from Trader Joes.

This is really what has held me up with creating a Spotify account.

Blame it on these (Gluten Free! Trader Joes Baked Cheese Crunchies)

Here's the first three songs on this playlist.

Elliptical Song #1

Elliptical Song #2

Elliptical Song #3

I need help with the rest of the "elliptical dance but don't hurt yourself" playlist. What songs do you workout to?

And more importantly...

Are you human or are you dancer?

PS-If you didn't laugh...I'm sorry. Your humor sucks ;)


  1. Haha Oh man..."da dip" that is awesome. Nicely done:) New follower!

  2. I love working out to rap! But if you're looking for dance music, Fergalicious is great. Or Beyonce's Crazy in Love.

  3. I'm dancer!! And I always work out to the MOST ridiculous songs. Old Nelly and such is always good. Lots of Journey and N'SYNC.

  4. thank you.

    i need more humor in my life. and it is nice to find other hilarious people like myself.

    i may or may not find you on spotify...

  5. Okay truth be told everytime I imagined Anna dancing I was envisioning a TREADMILL. I feel so thrown off.

  6. Lauren! What were you thinking!! I'm thrown off by these so-called cheetos! wtf. ;)

    I love you Hollie. I definitely laughed. My humor does not suck.

    i'll contribute to this lil mix: i'm obsessed with david guetta stuff. and kid cudi up up and away.

    Thank you for this!!!! xoxoxo

  7. Ha ha that was funny! I need to try spotify. I have yet to jump on that train!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog girl! And puh-lease you are gorgeous! You could totally do 5 min makeup!!


  8. hey girlie!! I get so bored with my workout music all the times - some goods ones I am liking right now are take care by rhianna and drake, pass at me by pitbull and timbaland, we found love by rhianna, i like it like that by hot chele rae, international love by pitbull and chris brown - and the entire latest britney album (femme fatale) - so good!
    Hope you are having a great start to 2011!


  9. Your post totally put me in the mood to go to the gym and work out on th elliptical and look silly! Too bad I'm at work all day and I don't have a gym pass :/ haha

  10. HAHA, I love this! Those are some great songs!

  11. Yes!! All of these songs are amazing. I haven't heard Da Dip in so long. Thank you for bringing it back!!

  12. Haha! I am most definitely a dancer...can't get enough of it. How about songs by the Black Eyed Peas? You can't sit to their music!


  13. I love this post :) It just reminds me that I need to get my butt in gear and start working out pronto!

  14. So I'm still trying to figure out the lyrics to that Killers song. Dancer? Denser? WHAT?>
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  15. haha.. . .. good workout songs are a must! I like the black eyed peas to work out to!

  16. OMG "tha dip" I used to love that song, still do, I'll have to add that one to my playlist. I always have to have Rob Base it takes two on a work out playlist, it's a classic!

  17. Did you laugh? Heck yes (*hands waving in the air dancing in my office chair*) How about throw some Kelly Clarkson in there?

  18. Haha genie in a bottle! That reminds me of when I was about 11 dancing round with my friends wishing we could sing hahaha!



  19. Ha ha! I love this post. I am off to the gym in a bit...

    Some of my favorites

    "Listen to You Heart" or anything from the Step Up soundtrack :)

  20. Dancer for sure.

    I really like the Pitbull/Jlo song. Its got a great beat.

  21. Count me as a dancer....and for some reason rap music gets me motivated when I work out!

  22. I love "Get Me Bodied" by Beyonce!

  23. It wasn't until I read your post that I realized how awkward it is to move on that darn elliptical! I have got to try those crunchies!!

  24. Oh girl! I love that machine.... well as much as you can love working out and wanting to barf at the same time.


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