Golden Globes!

Overall, I was really impressed with the red carpet fashions at the Golden Globes.

I was so happy Descendants won Best Drama! Did anyone else see it?


Bottom Line:
Nudes, pastels, lace, and delicate glamour are not going away.


I don't understand why there were so many gals that looked as if someone pulled a curtain off the wall and made it into a dress. I'm all for big skirts and princess-like volume but MY GOODNESS it's called tailoring!


I'm honestly a little torn on this one. I love that it fits her personality and is different without trying too hard. However, the lime green is SO hard to pull off. Especially with that necklace.

What do you think?

Who was your favorite look at the Golden Globes?

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PS-How did you Follow Friday work out for you? I'm thinking it's a definite go for this Friday too, yeah?


  1. I missed it! Glad you posted the dresses - that is the main reason I would watch it!

  2. I looooved Michelle Williams look. Her hair is adorable with the headband and she is so poised and elegant, regardless of what she's wearing!! (But I did love her blue & black dress) Love herrr.


  3. Unfortunately, I didn't watch the Golden Globes last night. I have it on DVR though. I'm thinking that just because it's Zooey in that dress, that I love it. It's so her!

    Follow Friday should definitely happen again. I found so many great blogs!!

    Happy Monday!

  4. I missed this.... darn it! I LOVE seeing all the dresses.
    What would it be like to strut around in one of those??

  5. I missed it! But I looked back at all of the dresses later. Heidi Klum and Charlize Theron were my favorite!

  6. I didn't get to watch the golden globes.. but the only reason I do watch it is to see what everyone is wearing! Loving most of these dresses for sure!

  7. I love Clare Danes, I thought she looked beautiful!

  8. Didn't watch so this is good :) I freaking love Haleigh from Modern Fam!!

  9. I missed them, but I totally looked at after for the photo ops.

    Love Heidi Klums dress. LOVE

  10. Yeah, I never watch these. I always just wait until the next day to see what everyone liked and read what won. I haven't seen the Descendants yet but I want to really bad. I think Zooey looks awesome. It's all about attitude when it comes to wearing something bold like that. I think it's perfect for her. I love minimal fashion like that. Is it a necklace or collar for the dress? This is the first time I'm seeing this.

    Also hello Diana Argon!! She's so hot. Love that red.

  11. my goodness what was Lea Michele thinking wearing that dress!?

  12. Lea Michele looks like she crawled out of a glamorous lagoon! Ew! hahaha! Love your review, I think we agreed on just about every outfit!!

  13. my thoughts:

    i'm not sure why nicole ricci is even at the golden globes but i like her dress and love her bangs.

    evan rachel wood's dress looks like a mermaid's and i like it.

    heidi is plain and simple, but pulls it off as only she can.

    lea michelle looks like a villain from x-men.

    did you see a close up of zooey's awful haircut? the sideburns were hideous!!! somebody stop her, please.

  14. Good picks Hollie! You'll see the ones I loved tomorrow :) xo

  15. Great picks! Loved Charlize Theron and Nicole Richie, really didn't love Freida Pinto and Lea Michelle.

  16. I missed it! In bed with a head hoo. But from this I love Jessica Alba's look!

  17. I was pleased with the fashions, as well. There were definitely fewer this year that I absolutely hated haha. But Zooey...HER HAIR. What the hell was with those weird side burns?!

  18. I REALLY liked the movie the was so great!! And I didn't watch but I saw a pic of Reese Witherspoon...OMG she is stunning and the epitome of gorgeous!

  19. Sooo many pretty dresses. Ah, it makes me wish I could get SUPER dressed up for a special occasion. Dang, I miss sorority functions and college haha.

  20. YES for #FF again ;)

    And I thought Emma stone looked super pretty!
    As far as Zooey - I'm on the fence, too.
    Her nails were cute though. I follow her on Instagram and she painted little tuxedos on them!


  21. can't believe i forgot this was on!!! :)

  22. I loved getting to see the fashion! I thought Emma Stone and Reese looked FAB!


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