Still Believin...

A little birdie reminded me to bring the I believe Friday posts back so here goes! Enjoy! <3

I believe...

[1] In being someone who tries their hardest to look at things from all views and all perspectives. Even when it's hard. I feel being an extremist in most areas is hazardous to this world. (Sorry if this is bold!)

[2] In taking care of one another. Do things without an incentive. Favors and good deeds show that your heart is open from selfishness.

[3] In celebrating our veterans. Those in service are protecting our freedom of so many things we take for granted. Can you imagine living in China where Facebook is banned? Talk about controlling the spread of thought and speech of opposing opinions.

[4] In burning holiday spice candles...ALL YEAR LONG <3

[5] Always having Casey Weigand's blog up constantly because I am obsessed with the Christmas music she added to her player!! (Okay, I like reading her stuff occasionally too ;) )

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  1. Love this!! What wonderful sentiments. Happy 11/11/11!!

  2. I agree with everyone you said b/c that's what bffs do. Okay not really, I would disagree with you if necessary, but I don't on these :)

  3. Lovely :) I also have been obsessed with her music and have her pop out player minimized on my computer! :)

  4. I believe... that Hollie should post this earlier so I can remember to write it when I write my Friday blog.

    :) In other news, hello spice candles!

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  6. I'm a new follower and I love love love your blog!! I love this list especially! And I also have Casey's blog up constantly for her amazing Christmas music!! <3


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