I wore something part 2.

Comfort rules for day time. Who is with me?

I call this the sarcastic duck lips. Disclaimer: Not everyone likes the sarcastic duck lips. Some may find it offensive.

Another What I wore fail picture.

Loving these boat shoes. Until they broke this week. 3 years requires a proper burial, yeah?

Sweater: Forever 21. Jeans: Vigoss. Boat Shoes: Target. Necklace: Nordstrom. Bag: Michael Kors.


  1. Super cute! Love the outfit :)

  2. Adorrrrable! I think we all need to see a tutorial on the cute braid! ;)

  3. haha this is so cute! I love long shirts like that!

  4. totally loving these posts! and I totally rock 'duck bill platypus' (Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride, anyone?) lips on occasion!

  5. DUCK FACE quack quack! im a victim of the duck face...hence my facebook pic. BTW are we facebook friends?!?! if not we should be.

    love boat shoes!


  6. your OOTD photos are hilarious and so much fun. I do love me a good duckface, I don't care what other people say.
    ♥ laura
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  7. I can't decide what that necklace is and in some pictures the placement of it just has me rolling but that's probably because I'm super immature sometimes, or a lot, you know. I do however like the necklace, and probably actually like it more because of this.

    I would wear that outfit. Totally.

    Also, I can't ever do a side-braid. I'm such a braid failure!! I'm completely jealous, I want to rock that style :( I can't even do a proper "poof" - I have to do a mini brain on top of my head to keep it in place... It's complicated, really it is.

    Your hair is still lighter than mine. A lot lighter. I'm like, practically brunette without abandoning our "people".

  8. Very cute! I have tried so many times to do the side braid and it just never. works.

    Also I LOL'd at the sarcastic duck lips because I do that all the time without even thinking about it! xx

  9. Umm I love the sarcastic duck face :-)

  10. hahahah.
    you are something else. love your idea of how to show us what you wore. i am pretty i saw all of these in instagram & knew they were going to be a post in the near future! haha

    but i love your outfit.
    & the classic duck lips, of course! i mean who doesn't. but i do prefer fish lips -- it took me a long time to master the fish lips & move my lips up & down.{sorry off topic. haha}

    oh & i love the braid. wish i had longer hair now. dang it, i knew i was going to regret cutting it!

    oh & back to you arrangment of photots -- you are squatting to take a photo. SO LADY LIKE ;)

    love you!

  11. hahahahaha i love the squat and point at shoes. i think your outfits posts are becoming my favorite. who needs a photographer?! and i'm also loving that necklace. comforts trumps fashion all time! but…comfort is fashion!!

    and yes… H&M was supposed to open their online store like months ago and pushed it back. so pissed. can they just open it already!?! argh.

  12. Cute! The hair and the necklace are the finishing touches!

  13. You always look so darn cute! :)

  14. i really want that sweater!!!!!
    You are too cute :)
    Classic & Bubbly


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