An Interview With Erica

Today I have something really special for you all. Erica of Young and Fabulous somehow agreed to be interviewed for my little ol' blog! I love a funny blog, and Erica totally nails it. She ALWAYS knows how to make laugh.

Exhibit A:

Erica doing the dougie. See? I told you!

[1] Let's cover the basics. Tell us about yourself.

Hi everyone!! I’m Erica. 23 year old certified gangsta! Okay maybe not…but I like to pretend I am! I’m a Boston girl. I frequently break out into song and dance. I have this ungodly obsession with Lil Wayne, Facebook stalking, making people laugh, being silly, and just living life to the fullest.

[2] What blogs do you read every day?

I have about 70 blogs that I read every single day, but one of the blogs that stands out to me most is Kelle Hampton’s, Enjoying the Small Things. One day last year I literally sat at my computer and read every single post from when she started blogging. I cried, I laughed, I cried and laughed at how ridiculous I was for doing this, and then I just became inspired. Inspired by her words, her love for life, the way she looked at the little things in life.

[3] What made you start blogging?

I started blogging when one of my previous jobs had me researching blogs for health-related content. I eventually found this one blog that I wish I could remember the name of and thought “hey…this chick is writing about what she ate for breakfast…maybe I can start a blog.” So there I typed…probably the lamest blog post ever, but here I am, and I am LOVING it.

[4] Where do your passions lie?

While I have a true passion for writing, one of my most inner passions lies in making people feel happy and good. I can’t tell you how good it feels to put a smile on someone’s face, or at least try to. Little things can brighten a day, it’s just the way you do it! It brings me back to one day where I simply helped a man in a wheel chair get a frozen dinner at the grocery store and we struck up a 10 minute conversation about lean cuisine meals versus smart ones. It brightened his day.

[5] Who is your hero?

I have 2 heroes. My two grandparents who passed away within 4 months of each other. They were strong willed. They didn’t let anyone tell them what to do or how to life their life. They taught me more than I’ll ever know, and they just had so much love for each other. I don’t think they could bear to be apart from eachother because just 4 months after my grandmother died, my grandfather died unexpectedly; on her birthday.

[6] What do you wish you knew five years ago?

I wish I knew how to feel more confident. I never had much confidence in high school but once I got to college, I realized that being who I am is more important than trying to be someone your not. In high school, I never opened up. I never really felt like myself, except for when I was with my friends. It feels good to finally feel good in my own shoes!

[7] Where do you see yourself in five years?

Oh man….in 5 years, I would love to see myself engaged or possibly married to my boyfriend who I’ve been with for 5 years. He’s my best friend, my other half, the ying to my yang. Okay I’ll stop being wicked mushy right now! Mainly, I want to be happy. I want to enjoy my life. I don’t want to dread going to work or dread coming home. I want to feel fulfilled and however that decides to happen, that’s really where I want to see myself. 

[8] What are your go-to, never fail items in your closet?

One of my go-to items would have to be a big baggy t-shirt. Totally sexy, no? Paired with a hot pair of heels, you never know! As far as nicer clothes go, I love pencil skirts and dresses!

[9] What's at the top of your want list?

Well if I had to go materialistic, I’d say a pair of leopard Christian Louboutins. I’ve been lusting over these babies for years! Sometimes I walk into Saks or Neiman and just look at them. Granted, no one ever comes over to help. They probably know I cant afford them…ONE DAY you snooty little salesmen! 

[10] What advice do you have for new bloggers?

My advice to new bloggers is BE YOURSELF. Don’t sensor yourself because you are worried what people think. The point of your blog is to express yourself in your own words. If you want to use the F word, use the F word! It’s okay to be different. Hell, I’ve been known to bust a little rap or 2 on my blog without a care in the world. Whatever you decide to blog about, it’s okay! Don’t let people talk you out of what you believe in! And it’s totally okay to do the Dougie on your blog.

Thanks again, Erica!


  1. love Erica!!

    kelle hampton is one of my favorites, too! and I did the same thing as you... then sent my mom the link and she read the whole thing, too!

  2. Heading over to check her blog out! I love this series you are doing!

  3. hey girrrl! thanks so much for having me! hahah love the dougie pic ;-)

    you rock girly :-)

  4. I love this interview idea!! so cute and creative. Erica as always you rocked your answers. I particularly love your answer for #4. so sweet!

  5. Erica is awesome! And so entertaining :) Great post.

  6. This is a great Q&A! I want some leopard Loub's as well. Thanks for introducing me to yet another wonderful blogger.


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