I am blank because

I saw this post floating around from Little Miss Momma and couldn't resist a second post today! Thanks to Erin for inspiring me:)

I am weird because...
I can completely tune people out. Like on a plane, while sleeping, at the grocery store. I can live in my head whenever I'd like.
I could eat pizza every day. Every meal probably.
I like wearing other peoples shoes around the house (not in a weird fetish kinda way)
As much as I love fashion, I prefer a sweatshirt most cold days. Preferably something hideous and oversized.
I think taking cookies out two minutes early is on time.
If I miss the previews at the movies I get in a bad mood.
I hate thrift stores, because I think. they smell like dead people.
I still am obsessed with the Olsen twins. And still watch their movies.

I am a bad friend because...
I don't like to do things I don't want to do.  And I probably won't.
I'm not perfect. Sometimes I say the wrong thing.

I am a good friend because...
I have a big heart.
I will always listen.
I will always give you an honest answer.
I don't keep score.

I am sad because...
I wish I had more discipline sometimes. Okay all of the time.
I signed up for the gym again two months ago and I've been ONCE.
Philip Rivers is having a REALLY bad season and so are the Chargers.
I miss my brothers.

I'm happy because...
The holidays are among us!
I adopted a little boy who needs a Santa...and bought him a sweet cars tent!
I have love in my life.

I'm excited for...
The Chargers/Broncos game I'm going to with my boyfriend Sunday!!
The food baby I'm going to conceive on Thursday...mashed potatoes MMMM...
The Christmas centerpiece I made tonight! It's so beautiful!
Going ice skating at Hotel Del Coronado.
Christmas lights.


  1. I am the exact same way with pizza and cookies! And I think my boyfriend feels the exact same way about the Chargers this season too! xoxo Marissa


  2. Ha ha ha ha!! Oh man girl...you had me laughing numerous upon numerous times!!! I love the "food baby" comment....and I am in love with mashed potatoes too! I am pretty sure we were made to be friends!! :)

  3. I went form laughing: you know the whole "tune out people on the plane," etc and the dead people smell at thrift stores ( which by the way I always knew they had some weird smell but couldn't pinpoint it..THANK YOU NOW!) to being all awwww, uhhh (sigh) and more (sigh) as I read on how great of a friend you are and your good deed for that little boy. You are the best Hollie!

  4. Ugggh... RIVERS!!! We are bummin' over here in this household...

    I like this idea. Very simple and cute. I might have to steal it too... lol!


  5. I love this post, I want to do something like this on my blog now! My dad is the same way if he is not at the movies 30 minutes before he gets upset he loves previews!

  6. Love the Olsen twins and hate thrift stores :)

  7. You and I are complete Twinsies when it comes to the weird department apparently :)

  8. I'm with ya girl, sweatshirts are my faaaaav. You can never have too many obnoxiously hideous, over-sized sweat shirts in your wardrobe :)

  9. found you over at Mrs. T's... so happy i did!

    i hate thrift store smells, but love thrift shopping. ;)


  10. i love how random you are. seriously i never know what to expect on your blog -- even if i see your istagram daily! hahaha

    but i am going to totally do this too!!!

  11. I LOVE the beautiful centerpiece you made! I was oohing and awwing over it yesterday on twitter!

  12. I love this post! And I am so jealous you are going ice Skating at Hotel Del Coronado!! That's on my Need To Do list every year!! haha! Have fun conceiving that food baby this week! ;) Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. i love this post. i'm a sweatshirt girl too. i have, like, 100 of them. sexy? no. do i care? not really. :)

  14. Cookies that are still a little raw in the middle=perfection!

  15. LOVE! I can tune people out too. Everyone who's had to live with me hates it. When I read books I don't hear anything else going on around me. The want to eat pizza everyday for every meal isn't weird. It's awesome. :) I'm glad we're friends!

  16. Phillip Rivers is my fantasy football quarterback. :( I am not doing so hot.

  17. I love this post!! Oh so fun. Also, your food baby comment made me laugh!:)

  18. Been looking around your blog and this post made me want to be your friend! I like the Olsen twins too! I should totally watch some of their movies or maybe full house! Happy Monday!


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