Lauren is a celebrity.

I don't know how she hasn't guest posted over here yet but Lauren and I are BBFs. Best Blogger Friends. If you see me tweeting nonsense to someone all day long or if it simply says "AHAHHAHA" it's probably to her. I feel like I can be my weird, weird self around her. And around her I mean by email, text, facebook, twitter, blogger...Anywho, I asked her to guest post and instantly she says "OH! I'll write about the time I was in a girl's pop band" like that is normal or something. THAT is why you all are going to love her.

Read away, friends!

I think Hollie will introduce me. I'm counting on it. I have nothing interesting to say in the introduction, I just keeping thinking about that time I was in a popular girl's pop group.
Say what?

Oh yeah, that's right. Let me set the scene for you, I was sixteen (enough said)... My friend was having her Sweet Sixteen party and her parents rented a limo for her and her besties to take us to Planet Hollywood for dinner and back. Can you imagine going out in a limo with all your girl friends and no parents for a night "out on the town" at sixteen? Um, we thought we were the ISH.

We jammed out to music on the way there. Probably Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys - let's be honest. About halfway there I looked at everyone and said, "We should totally come up with alternate identities and pretend we're famous!". Everyone got super excited because hello, we're in a limo, of course people are going to think we're famous. But then, they realized that maybe this plan that some faults.

Having the overactive imagination that I do, I explained to everyone that we must all speak in British accents the whole night and that we were part of a pop group. We were in town recording our debut CD (surely Washington DC has recording studios I explained) with an American producer.

For the rest of the ride to Planet Hollywood we practiced our accents. Mine was flawless as I had literally JUST returned from a month in England visiting family. One of the girls was hopeless, she sounded like was from India or some other random country anytime we tried. We told her she wasn't allowed to speak within earshot of anyone else, and if anyone asked we were to say she was the drummer (looking back on it now, that seems kind of mean, but it was for the good of everyone).

When we got to Planet Hollywood, there was a short wait because a 4-H convention was in town. Our British accents got attention right away and people assumed we were a big deal and started asking us if we were famous (seriously - the accent bit was so genius). I was put on the spot as to what the name of our group was and before I knew what I was saying I said, "We're the Metalloids". Yeeeeah, so I was in Chemistry at the time and you can guess what we had just covered. At least it sounds kind of like a girl band name, right?? That was it - people started asking for our autographs.

The hostess noticed the buzz and talked to the manager - all the sudden we were seated ASAP. We were of course giddy with ourselves and simply signing autographs would have been enough to talk about for the next month at school. But no, that was not all.

After we had ordered, the manager of the restaurant came out to talk to us. He brought us all goody bags from Planet Hollywood filled with gear. I specifically remember the blinged out T-shirts. Then he started conversing with me, asking where we were from, etc. I was so NERVOUS! Here I am, sixteen and I just got all this free gear from a restaurant. I thought surely at this point we were breaking some sort of law. Call me a goody two-shoes but I was freaking out inside.

I fibbed the best I ever have in my entire life and said we were from Salisbury (where I had just visited) and shot off as much information as I could accurately give. The manager said his fiance was from around the same area, and commented on how cool that was (at this point I thought "so, he must know I'm lying - my accent can't be THAT good?!").

Somehow, I got away with it. I convinced the manager that we were the real deal. Somehow. Despite him getting married to a TRUE Brit. How is that even possible?

As we finished eating, the manager asked us if we would all take a picture with the staff from the restaurant. He said the meal was on the house, and pointed to a picture of N'Sync up on the wall with saying "We met them at the beginning of their career too. Hopefully you guys will be just as successful".

We smiled and cheesed it up and acted the part. Once we were alone, everyone started geeking out. This MUST be against the law. We pooled together all the money we had to leave on the table because we didn't want to be arrested when someone found out we were big liars and prayed that it was enough. Of course it was enough for the meal and tip, but we KNEW it wasn't enough to cover all the Planet Hollywood gear they gave us. We all left feeling like we had just stolen a bunch of stuff!

It wasn't until we were almost home that we all looked at each other and started laughing hysterically. I mean, did that REALLY just happen? Um, yes, yes it did. I think we talked in accents for the next month or so, on and off. I was so glad to have shared that with a whole group of my friends because if we hadn't been there with each other - we NEVER would have believed that it actually happened.

So yep, that was my time in a pop group. It felt good to be famous for a hot second, but honestly I don't think I could have dealt with that sort of pressure on the regular, holy anxiety. I wonder if even famous people think they're scamming people - since they just see themselves as regular ol' people (well - those that aren't up their own butts).

On a side note... Part of me really wants to go back to Planet Hollywood. I haven't been since that night, and I kind of wonder about that photograph.

I don't know if I have a story to top this, do you??
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  1. hahaha this is too funny. I remember those days of renting limos for birthday parties and taking them into the city and thinking we were such a big deal. yes, and pretending we were famous too. it never got *that* far for us though, lol!!

  2. no one's famous in oklahoma…well, not until carrie underwood and the NBA. (Garth Brooks doesn't count) so i'm not sure how something like this would have worked out. Lauren maybe you should try it here?

    i do have some crazy stories from the days i worked at a tanning salon in huntington beach. like finding poo that had been hidden under one of the beds…for weeks. :/

  3. OMG. I love how Anna found a way to mention poop under a tanning bed after reading about my celebrity status. I'm not sure how I feel about that ;) Hahahaha.

    Sorry I didn't respond with another ridic pic last night. Your text came after I was asleep. I have a toddler's bedtime, I know.

    Thanks for outting me ;) Love you bfffff.

  4. This is to funny! I cannot believe you guys pulled it off, that is so crazy! Hollie thanks for the wonderful guest post!

  5. Bwaaaahahaha I can't stop giggling at this. And this is why you're awesome, Laur.

  6. OMG! I was giggling and laughing the whole time I read this post. How exciting. I could definitely see myself doing something like this. That is too crazy. What a fun, funny experience. =)

  7. hilarious. Great guest post!!!

  8. Hahahaha. That story is amazing!!! Sounds like something my friends would have planned to do, but it would not have worked out nearly as well!! Lol.

  9. OMG I love this post! I literally LOLed at work haha. What a great story and memory that you will always cherish :)

  10. HAHAHA OMG This is the best story ever!! I was cracking up the whole time I read it!! :) One of the best guest posts I've ever read!!

  11. OMG!! You girls were crazy! I'd the "the drummer" in this situation hahaha! I would have been afraid of being arrested, too!

  12. May I ask why you have nothing but a swim suit top on Lauren???

  13. oh my goodness. That is AWESOME! I can't believe the people at the restaurant bought it awesome. Great story.

  14. LINDSEY!! I'm wearing bottoms, don't make this seem skankalicious. And I'm in a hot tub... I don't wear a scuba suit then. You must remember my celeb outing was before most of us (at least of my friends) had digital cameras. So, you get to see pics of me in a swimsuit at the beach, singing into the hot tub cleaner thing. DEAL WITH IT!!!

  15. hahaha! This was too funny! I would have been freaking out if I were you. :)

  16. Hahaha, why does this story not surprise me at all? Totally something Lauren would do :) Hilarious! Great job pulling it off. I'm sure that would have been sooo exciting back in the day! Lauren, you have to go back and see if the picture is framed somewhere and hung up! Bahaha :)

  17. that's my biggums.
    i mean i knew there was something special about you when i wanted you to be my big. but i mean even with all our adventures, this one def tops it off! like really tops it off. so glad that i know you personally :]

  18. hahaha oh my gosh, that is AWESOME!!!!


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