In Da Club

So I originally wrote this as a guest post a few months ago but I recently came across it and laughed my behind off so much at my own past fashion mistakes that I thought I'd share with you all!

Enjoy <3

I'm confessing right now that I've had my many weekends at various clubs in San Diego and Vegas. I've fallen victim to many many don'ts! I'm using my own personal past do's and don'ts to show you all what to keep in mind next time you're ready for a night of drinking, dancing, and eating.

((Play this video for full effect if you can))


Wear stretchy material! Drinking means eating burritos at 2 AM. Or Jimmy John's for those of you in the Midwest/South.

Wear black tights in winter! I think it's cute club chic and not so risque club chic.

Not sure this look is a do as it looks kind of off with a strapless dress, but I was cold! 

Shorts can be a serious club DO! You're dancing and drinking right? Why not be comfortable AND cute.


Wear a dress that is too short! Notice I'm using my clutch to cover everyone from seeing my underwear. This is the last thing you want to be doing all night. And showing everyone what color panties you're wearing a la Britney Spears is NOT attractive.

Oh yeah, I did it again. This dress doesn't look that short, but pulling the back down the whole night was NOT fun.

For me, a strapless dress that isn't super tight is killer. I hate wearing uncomfortable clothing!

Look closely....I'm wearing a pink bra. And it shows in pictures. Black under black, nude under white!

The tight at the bottom dress is cute with leggings or if you're not actually going to be dancing. Plus, every girl at the club is wearing this get up. Who wants to be ordinary?

And the Grand Finale of Don'ts at the club:

Metallic is hot! Shiny, cheetah, lame is absolutely not. This is a serious "What was I thinking?!"

Here's the dress in it's full effect. And yeah, I wore it again. Sometimes a girl just doesn't learn her lesson :)

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  1. haha, you crack me up! That cheetah print :) We all have our fashion victim memories!

  2. This post is awesome!! I love it!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. You're so funny! I think you look cute in all of these!

  4. omg you are hysterical! I love the fact that we all know late nights will end with burritos!!

  5. lol i TOTALLY remember reading this guest post but cant remember who it was for!!!

    damn gurrrl you hot in da club!

    ps ive been a sally slacker and need to do your guest post! AHH slow down life!


  6. I think you can pull off cheetah, I won't hold it against you.

  7. I love the tights! I tend to wear tights almost every weekend once December rolls around! Great way to make an outfit classy!

  8. haha i love this post!! and yes all late night ends with burritos or jimmy johns so true!!

  9. what did you blur out in that one picture??! if you could see me you would see that i'm giving you the larry david suspicious eyeball look. my favorite outfits in this: the shorts ones. so cute. comfort and stretch is key. i've been known to down a Whataburger…or 2 around 3am. I know I'm classy.

  10. My favorite would have to be your red dress with black thights!! Why don't you post this on my Cherishing Memories series? Seriulsy funny funny! If I ever get to scan all my pictures from my "clubbing" activities in Vegas, I will make sure to do both: cry and laugh! You are so right! What were we thinking??;) But you've given me a great idea..I have to do it!!

  11. ha ha ha! the late night burrito runs! laughing my butt off as I was writing this because the singing started finally..ha ha love this song!

  12. Mmmkay, you look HOT even in the don'ts! Of course, now you have me thinking about making a 2am dash for burritos tonight!


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