Big Leagues.

So you've made it to the big leagues. People are knocking at your door trying to advertise on your site. You just sold your new line to a big department store. You're being featured in magazines. You were on the radio. A celebrity was just spotted with your product. You have 1000++++ followers on your blog.

Does that mean you get to make snarky remarks about "less successful" entrepreneurs/writers/designers/whatever?

Absolutely, right?


(You may have guessed it...this IS a rant! Feel free to close this window hard feelings!)

I saw a tweet from someone who has a successful e-business that said the following:

I am amazed at the # of press releases I get of Z-listers wearing brands I have never heard of. Seriously? These brands are proud?

(Not a big fan of profanity on the blog normally by the started with that dang owl on Wednesday!)

We all start at the same spot. Yes, some of us make it. And yes, some of us do not. But we all contribute to inspire creativity within one another. And we ALL have been on the "Z list" at one point. EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.OF.US.

I am honestly shocked this person had the guts to tweet this. In the words of the Black Eyed Peas, where, where is the love?

Let's support each other when we are on the Z list and be HAPPY for each other when we are on the A list. EVEN if I am on the Z list and you are on the A list. Even if I am on the A list and you are on the Z list.

What happened to humility and pride in your character?

On a lighter note, have a fabulous weekend! Make a wish at 11:11 today! Can't wait to recap my first blogger meet up this Sunday!! :)


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  2. I love this post! I have had a post in my drafts for about a week now. For fear of my alligator mouth overriding my humming bird ass, haven’t posted it. But I have felt these same feelings only on a similar situation. A few weeks back when there was the big link up party. I sat for two days and read blogs. I started noticing this one blogger who was a follower and leaving comments saying she was a new follower, blah blah. Then I got to looking further and it was 3 links beside me she followed, 2 below me, 4 rows up, and so on. Then I got to looking even more and it was these blogs that had 200 followers, 500 followers, 1000 followers, but then I clicked some of the newer blogs with 10 followers, 5 followers, 21 followers that were linked right beside these that she followed. She sure wasn’t following them. I am in marketing, so it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out. I realized it was this social circle of being in with the “it” crowd. Not supporting some new blogs that could be fun, interesting and offer different things. It seriously bothered me a lot, because it was like “what’s wrong with my blog?” I follow blogs because I can relate, they are fun, they make me laugh and yes, if I can help someone grow I will be glad to do it and hope they return the favor, but if not it’s okay. Believe me when I say this, I hope this person never follows my blog. I will never post a “giveaway” just to obtain followers and I won’t toot about how many followers I have like I read in another blog. I still may post my thoughts. What do you think?

    This is my rant for the day! God aren’t you sorry you did that post! But you just let me air off some I need a little drinky winking, oh wait too early! But let me say this, you were one of my first handful of followers. Thank you!

  3. I feel ya girl! And for real, the z-list is where it's at... the a-listers have a long way to go (a whole alphabet) before they can be as cool ;)

  4. hahah laurens comment...LOVE! z-listers UNITE!

    completely agree with you. Where is the LOVE? rediculous!

    on a lighter note, i am happy we are facebook friends :)

    happy weekend!!!!

  5. Awww that's sad =(

    - Sarah

  6. People never surprise me..what a stupid tweet..glad you deleted them! I love people/bloggers who remain real and humble no matter how big they sad when someone lets their "status" get to their head.

    P.S Have a great weekend!

  7. Love this post! I think I tweeted the other day how it always makes me sad when a blogger has "outgrown" the blog friends that supported them at the beginning...I see it happen a lot, and it really is unfortunate. Because you're right, everyone started from somewhere :)


  8. seriously?! #ugh #getoveritpeople gagging big time. the internet never ceases to disgust me. i've been ranting and raving about the anonymity on the web this week. it's out.of.control!

  9. LOL @ Lauren's comment! Z-list for life!!

  10. This is crazy! That bugs me bad! People really are SO annoying! K and I LOVE your blog too! T-t-t-t-t-totally following you... NOW! :)

  11. Amen to everything you said in this post. I started blogging over 3 years ago and my how things have changed, especially with the introduction of Twitter. Some people have definitely gotten too big for their britches.

    Blogging is about having fun and meeting great people along the way. It's sad that some people try to spoil the experience.

  12. I COMPLETELY agree. There was another incident on FB from a Youtube makeup person who called all the blog promotions on her sites so annoying and to stop. Then she realized what an asshole she sounded like and said she was just talking about the spammer links blah blah. No, you weren't. Your fans made you recognizable and you just crushed their dreams. I hope I NEVER get that way and if I do, slap me.

  13. Such a necessary post! People can lost sight of what really matters in life...and we need to build one another up instead of tearing each other down! :) Thanks for sharing

  14. It's incredible to me that people can have such a high opinion of themselves. I'm glad you're promoting kindness :) I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  15. where is the loveeee, where is loveee, where is the love the love the love!!!

    you got me singing girl.
    & i have to agree with lauren.
    z-list is where it's AT #awesomeness.
    & i totally agree with you through the entire post!

    ok& i have made a HUGE wish. i hope it comes true, if not lauren will be proposing to me with a ring pop!

  16. Amen my friend! That's all I have to say :)

  17. I am proud to say I am a "Z-lister" :) I just started blogging..oh a month ago. In the beginning I was like 'I have to figure out what will get people to look at my blog,' 'oh look at her's I should try that!' But thankfully I realized I don't blog to get noticed I blog to get thoughts and ideas out of my head and get inspired by others and hopefully inspire others! Thanks for looking out for us baby blogs :)

  18. WOW! How ungrateful of them!?!? Someone needs a little humility added to their daily dose of success.

    xo chanel

  19. SO happy to have stumbled across your beautiful blog - the design is lovely, so it's no wonder you're working it on the A list!

    This is a topic I've been thinking a lot about as I started working with my first (hand picked, approached by me) sponsors last week. It prompted me to write a mission statement (although I didn't call it that on my blog) for how I want to treat businesses and my readers when it comes to ads, sponsors, and all that monitisation stuff... the gist? Be polite, be honest, and be picky. And if I don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all (other than, thankyou, I don't feel this project is a good fit for me right now).

    Blogging at its best is all about creating a supportive community around the things we love, so they're no need to let PR firms rock that boat!

    Well... I guess that turned into a little rant of my own!

    - Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane, Australia... not quite A list, but definitely not Z either!)

  20. Those people remember that when they get back down to the Z list.

  21. Hollie, I'm so sad you couldn't make it to the meet up tonight! We missed you! Hope you are feeling better! And I totally agree on this post- where is the love!? Love your blog already, following you now :)

  22. As one of those "Z" listers, it is disheartening to see people say things like that. It should be about expressing oneself and making meaningful connections with others, not about a race to the top of the blogosphere or whatever realm it may be. There's meaning in what all of us do, and the number of followers or lack thereof should not be an indicator.

  23. Say what?! That is really bad PR on their part. Don't they realize that acting that way will reflect negatively on them? It's sad because some bloggers act that way, too :( Like they are big time bloggers and others are beneath them. It's sad.

    Great rant! Us little people appreciate it :)


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