The southwestern trend is growing on me. Ashley 's outfits do it OH so well.
Check her out for some day to day inspiration!
I seriously think that southwestern could replace bohemian trend.
Obviously they are similar in feeling, but southwestern is much more modern day in my eyes.
I'd love to have a few southwestern turqoise pieces, patterned scarves and a poncho to spruce up my spring wardrobe.

Would you?

PS- Follow Friday is MANANA ( southwestern of me!)
Can't wait to blog hop with you all!! It has been a LONG month! :)

Source: via Ellie on Pinterest


  1. I LOVE the Southwestern style! Being a New Englander I think it's something I'm going to start wearing more often and see how quickly it catches on during late spring (ohhh it will).

    How does FF work? I would love to join in!

    1. hey lady! your email isn't hooked up to your account. you just link up and then explore new blogs when you have time. everything will be explained tomorrow (today!) :)

  2. I could see you rocking the SW trend... especially if you were living in Phoenix or Austin or something ;) But I mean, we could just visit those places together, that would work too.

  3. it could NEVER replace boho! the prints are too trendy & the whole Santa Fe thing gets dated really quickly…but this is all IMHO, of course. Not that I don't love me some of this trend, I do. But me and boho will forever be in love.

  4. adorable!!!!! i like boho. and some of these western looks are super cute!!!!!!!!

  5. anything aztec patterned, turquoise, or boldly mixed tribal pattern is A-OK in my book (:

    i'm ready for SOMETHING to replace the boho "trend" so i can start wearing more of my boho wardrobe... i just HATE when thigns are trendy that i feel are "me".. then i feel like i can't be "me" without looking like everyone else.. ya feel me?

    or is that weird? regardless, i LOVE all these pictures!

  6. absolutely LOVE this trend. you could totally pull it off girl!

  7. Freaking love it all! A few pieces is all I need!!!


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