Livin in California

Blogger deleted? (booo!) my original post today so I thought it'd be fun to share this post I wrote for Meg awhile back. Both Meg and I live in sunny old California! It's absolutely lovely but there are definitely some serious culture quirks about those of us who live here.

I thought it'd be fun to show you all just exactly what it means to live here ;)

We dress like this when it's 55 degrees outside:

We sit through this most days:

At some point we ALL will say the words:


We treasure this:

(Yes, this is food! It's called "Mexican")

We can't get away with being this pale:

 My feet may be sparkling they're so pale. I promise I'm not a vampire.

We complain on Facebook when it rains:

We generally try to show the rest of the country we don't all act like the celebrities and reality stars you see on television that live in Hollywood. Some of us don't spend every waking hour trying to change our status solely by how others perceive us. (Some of us actually call it Hollyweird.) Instead, most of us are just trying to be happy. Happy with how we live, happy with who we are, and happy with the unknown of the future. But aren't we all?

What does it mean to live in your state?


  1. Hahaha... To live in Oklahoma hmmm. We talk to strangers like they are our bffs. We have that wind-blown look all the time because well, there's pretty much always wind. Our favorite color is almost always either red, or orange. We buy our beer from the liquor store ;) Summer means lake time. It's not uncommon to hear about how perfect life would be if "Texas fell off into the ocean" (I mean, we would be beach front then).

  2. I'll sum it up in a sentence - it's NOTHING like Jersey Shore :)

  3. ummmmmm is that mexican topped FRENCH FRIES omg?!

  4. LA area? I'm Northern Cal, but only have lived here for 6 months. We are surrounded by vineyards, almond farms, and dairy farms. So everyday we expect to smell cow manure. But one nice thing is that we do not have much traffic!

  5. I want to live in California SO BAD. SO BAD!!

  6. Ha ha! Yes, as another southern californian I have to agree! ;)

  7. To live in London as a South African:
    It's cold for most of the year
    It's also dark when it's cold (unlike SA where at least it's a little sunny when it's chilly)
    People think you are a weirdo if you strike up a conversation with a stranger
    It costs the same to rent a small room here as a whole house with a swimming pool in SA

    Yet I choose to live here, for now!

    And I love it!

    Liked your post:)
    Lulu x x

  8. LOVE this post!
    I live in So Cal too...I wouldn't choose anywhere else to live!!

  9. this is OH SO very very true.

  10. In Texas, the weather can change in 5 minutes. If it snows, people freak out (they do not know how to drive in snowy/icy weather). It's mostly just hot most of the months out of the year. We only have 2 and HOT! ;) But I love this state!!

  11. I live in San Fran and I agree with all of this!! Especially the layers upon layers when it is only 55 degrees ha. Love it!

  12. I love this post because it's soooo true!! But I couldn't live anywhere else! :)

  13. This is such a good post!! I live in the central valley here in California & I reap some of those benefits, coming from Indiana.. HUGE difference!

  14. Haha I feel like this is going easy on you Californians and your weird quirks. ;) I absolutely hated driving in the rain out there because everyone FREAKED OUT. Like it was ice and they were going to die. Otherwise, I miss driving in California like nobodies bid-ness. They drive fast, not defensive if you cut them off. I just miss Cali. It's like 85 and so humid today and I'm dying. Haha.

  15. Funny you should post the Seattle picture... I live about 20 miles east of Seattle and as much as it rains here, you would think that people would know how to DRIVE in it. Without fail, if it's raining after a couple days of nice weather, people seem to forget how to use their windshield wipers and drive 20 under the speed limit. Awesome.


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