Wednesday Friends.

Meet Some Wednesday Friends!

Danielle and I are the coolest people ever because we both take notes ;) HAR HAR. Excuse my cheesiness. But really, Danielle is gorgeous and her blog is filled with fabulous pictures and great stories. Make sure to go say hi! She has something for everyone to enjoy :)

Hello Hollie Takes Notes readers! I'm Danielle, a former West Virginian who now resides in Seattle. I packed up my things and switched coasts to take a chance at love with some random dude....just kidding. Seriously though, I moved to Washington State to be with my boyfriend who is now my fiance! In the past 8 months not only have I changed coasts but I've also gotten my first "big girl" job, moved into a charming little lake house, bought the cutest Golden Retriever puppy ever named Huckleberry, got engaged, and just recently bought a new home! Needless to say, these last 8 months have been quite busy. My life is far from perfect, but it's the small things that make this journey so worthwhile --and that's usually what I blog about. I hope you'll join me in my adventure at Taking Notes...Coast to Coastwhere you'll be sure to read about wedding plans, DIY projects, the occasional recipe, and (of course) my adorable pup, Huck! ALSO, Hollie and I both have the phrase "taking notes" in our blog's names. Just throwing that out there...

Laura is a shop owner who sells vintage finds and pieces that are truly one of a kind. I feel like these days you really see a lot of the same old same old on Etsy...but not with Montana Snow Vintage. If you're looking for something special to add to your wardrobe or even your home go browse her shop. I promise you won't be disappointed!

hello, i'm laura - a wife , mom to two handsome boys , vintage lover , sucker for chihuahuas and a vintage shop owner. i run two amazing vintage shops on etsy - montanasnowvintage (clothing and accessories) and montanasnowvintage2 (for the home). come on in visit , relax and enjoy my shops!

This one claimed she didn't know what to write about her blog even though I've been hounding her for the past two months to send me something. And a picture. Last night she gave me the liberty to write whatever and pick whatever picture off her facebook. So I picked the one that reminded me the most of her personality. This is my homie g, Lauren.

Lauren is not your typical young mom/lifestyle adventures/baking another bun in the oven blog. She's HILARIOUS, genuine, sweet,...and oh, she dresses her kid to the nines. Her little one, B, has more Toms shoes than anyone probably even the CEO, the cutest rompers, and pretty much a better wardrobe than me. Lauren can make the most seemingly mundane things interesting and fun to read. It doesn't matter what she posts about it's ALWAYS a good time. And to be honest, that's truly the best kind of writer! One that can make you relate no matter the topic. She's a dear friend of mine so check her out!

Enjoy your day friends! 


  1. O.M.G. I love you. I really really do. I should send you some of my reject descriptions. You would read them and say, "Uh, really? Are you kidding me?". It was pathetic.

    By the way can't wait for B to start work on her masterpiece for you. Is 1.5 too young to set her up with an easel and some paint? I feel like that might be a disaster, but it might be really funny too. Until Jon starts cursing about not being able to get paint off the couch... Hmm.

  2. very cool friends. will be hanging out with them too ...

  3. Your description of Lauren is 100% spot on. Sometimes I read her blog and I'm just like, Wow, this girl knows how to put a good spin on everything and she does it with humor and grace. I'm lucky to know both of you wonderful ladies who make my day better and brighter everyday!! xoxo


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