Ten Things You Probably Don't Care About

1. I pretty much am obsessed with the teacher on Pretty Little Liars. Google him. Hubba hubba.
Source: bit.ly via Clyde on Pinterest

2. I haven't worked out besides the occasional hike in......oh yes...get ready for this....like a year. Last night I went to a machine pilates class for abs and the buttox region. I had a groupon. I'm pretty sure I was laughing the whole time so I wouldn't get mad at myself for my shaking body. The rest of the class probably didn't appreciate my hysterics. But they'd better get used to it...I'm coming back ;)

3. By writing this in a blog post, it will make me more accountable. I'm BRINGING my lunch the rest of the week. (This is a big deal for me.)

4. It looks like we're finally going to have a warm and sunny weekend! I'm hoping for a laid back beach day with my manfriend!

5. Last week I convinced myself I needed a face peel for my mild-ish adult acne. Homegirl said it would just be flakey. My face has been peeling for three days. YAY. I bought SPF 70 for my face. Never thought that would happen.

6. Blueberries need to go into mass production so they aren't $5 for a small case that I eat in five minutes.

7. Newcastle beer is delicious.
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8. Apparently my bathroom is "where yankee candles go to die" (credit: Jeff) since all of the candles that are almost burnt out sit in there eternally.

9. I recently realized I don't own an iron. So I bought a handheld steamer. More on this later.

10. I really want to get some southwestern plants for my room & kitchen! Anyone know where to find them inexpensively? I want to get a few!


  1. ha! i truly care about every single one of these 10 things. especially newcastle. :)

  2. Yankee candles go to die, I love it!
    And Mr. Fitz is pretty yummy, sometimes he seems like a wimp, but he makes up for it later.

  3. i am the worst about bringing my lunch! i just want to get out of the office! :) you should definitely get some of those succulent flowers. i think they are so gorgeous! maybe i'll look for some too!

  4. i want a steamer so bad. and i havent exercised in almost two years.

    and i have a bad heart.

    i'm a winner. don't feel bad.

  5. Ah, Ezra is gorgeous! I love him and Aria together. Excited to read about this handheld steamer because I hate ironing with a passion! I'm a throw my clothes in the dryer kinda gal!

  6. Steamers are the bomb dot com!!

  7. omg, Ezra. I melt when he smiles. I just finished watching season 2 TODAY. i'm going through withdrawls already!

  8. he is hot-going to goggle him! Am also going to see if you hae a picture on your profile...how can you not work out in a year ...I would be moooorbidly obese..!unfair..a tad. Also-blueberries...I always think that...then think...maybe I should move to Maine! Remind me of working on summer camps there-bucketfulls of the things.

    cool list-i cared!

  9. also...you only recently realized you don't own an iron....how does that even happen?

  10. I'm kind of jealous that you don't own an iron. Sometimes I wish I didn't own (or have to use) an iron. Anyway. What I came here for was to talk about southwestern plants. We have a bunch and we got almost all of them at Home Depot or Lowe's - not that I like the big box but that's where we happened upon them. We have about a dozen succulents and they were $2-4/each.

  11. 1. I've never watched Pretty Little Liars though I know several people who are obsessed. Put that on my list of TV shows/books I should eventually get to.

    2. I'm glad pilates was a success! I told you your skinny fat self would be fine :) If I can manage bizarre yoga poses after a year of inactivity, you can totally rock the pilates.

    3. So impressive. You should instagram your lunches as proof. Oh yeah, I just took it to another level of accountability ;)

    4. I looked at the San Diego forecast last night because I do this every day or so and meant to text you "You should go to the beach on Saturday it's going to be really nice!" but then I fell into a Benadryl coma. I know, I watch out for you like that, monitoring your weather and suggesting what you do with your time. Creepy? Maybe just a little.

    5. Peeling, flaky skin is so in right now.

    6. Okay I know they aren't blueberries, but if you have a Sam's Club membership and you have a Sam's near you, you should totally go buy raspberries. I don't usually buy fruit from there because I TRY to eat organic berries especially BUT their raspberries are usually organic and you get a HUGE thing of them for under $6. It's amazing. I eat them in one sitting still, but you get more!

    7. I've never had this beer. But I'll try it when you come to visit. In fact we will do some beer tasting at TapWerks in Bricktown with Anna.

    8. You went from never having a Yankee candle to having a whole graveyard full?? You might have an addiction now... and I think you need a new candle that is not totally used up now.

    9. I'm glad that steamer came so fast and no one stole it. Phew. I'm interested to see if the Amazon reviews held up.

    10. Go to a local nursery, they shouldn't be THAT expensive, especially for the teensy ones! You could always try Lowe's/Home Depot too, I know they sell them.

    Um of course I had to comment on everything because it's true, some people probably don't care but I dooooo.

  12. I NEED to watch Pretty Little Liars..... as soon as I finish Gossip Girl :) These shows ALWAYS suck me in.
    I hate how much blueberries cost. They are so yummy and SO good for us. Lame.

  13. I go through blueberries so quickly that I just gave up and bought blueberry plants. Sure they only grow for a few months...but there are a ton of them and I freeze & use as needed. :-)

  14. Oh! Mr. Fitz!! I love him too!! Isn't he so dreamy! I need to watch the second half of the second season, I got so behind and can't believe I haven't read any spoilers on who A is! hahaha! By the way, have you tried the Slatkin & Co candles at Bath & Body Works? Their 3 wick candles are SO much more fragrant than Yankee and often go on sale for $10! Highly recommended! Then your bathroom can be the Slatkin & Co graveyard too haha! ;) Enjoy the weather this weekend, I know I will! :)

  15. I love these and I'm a huge PLL fan, love that dang show.

    M and I just bought a new iron lol.


  16. Ahhh Ezra Fitz! Hot hot hot! :) LOVE PLL!

  17. Hm, I have a candle cemetery in my bathroom also. Odd...

  18. hahaha blueberries are so expensive. Esp. the organic ones. Hip hip hooray for pilates. I'm glad you liked it. Now I'm the only one out of me, you, and lauren not working out. And she's pregnant! Damn it Anna!!

    I heart Newcastle and please DO go to the beach even though I absolutely hate that you live near the beach. hahaha I'm an awesome friend.

  19. (purposefully not acknowledging the fact that you watch pretty little liars)

  20. Not gonna lie...I don't watch Pretty Little Liars, but I'm considering it now! xoxo Marissa


  21. my best friend went to high school with ian harding! I agree, he is a cutie! :) I love newcastle too!

  22. Newcastle- win! one of my favorites

  23. I'm obsessed with Pretty Little Liars too! I LOVE LUCY HALE! AHHHH. Love her. She just seems so awesome.


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